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Lucious Alexander

  I fell for a stripper. I have intimacy issue. I like Kobe Bryant. Two things I hate, waiting for payday and checking my voice mail.

I’ve been knocked out in a night club before. I got a job. I got benefits. I got business cards. You want one? I haven’t got them yet… I’m a hustler homie.

I’m a Capricorn. I don’t pay attention to zodiac signs. I can’t cook. I wish they would come up with a food pill.

I’m secretly jealous of trust fund kids because God chose them and not me, bastards. I don’t think I can legally go back to Baltimore. I can’t play any card games. I gave up porn. I had a dictionary but I lost it. I curse a lot but I’m a Gentleman. I love my mom. My little Sister is kick ass.

I’ve been to Swingers Clubs. I smoke Cigars. I got love. My favorite holiday is Halloween. 2012 my resolution is to be honest at all times. You ain’t never gonna meet a cat more honest than me. I’m trying to curb that. Being real’s over rated.

Wearing the right clothes to the right bar is a talent. I’ve been called funny. It works well in person not so much on the radio.

I was born in Brunswick, Georgia. If you ask me where I was born and I would tell you Georgia.

I like Green Tea. Green Tea makes me poop. I take pride in my work, but it doesn’t define me.