David Irving


Former Cowboys DL David Irving: 80% Of The League Uses Marijuana

Roy White
September 24, 2019 - 12:40 pm

Former Dallas Cowboys player David Irving, turned marijuana activist, sat down with The Fan's Roy White to talk about what's keeping him busy these days. 

Irving talks about being 'shadowbanned' on social media and having to combat the perception of his image, and why he advocates for marijuana use over the current drugs being prescribed in the NFL.

Irving also addressed his viral retirement video, a message for fellow Compton-grown celebrity Snoop Dogg, and why he didn't try to wait out the NFL seeming to loosen their testing of marijuana.

Other topics with Irving include what he thinks the other NFL players could do to send a message to ownership and the surprising places he's received support, including why his "love" for football was never a choice.

Irving talks about his relationship with the Cowboys coaching staff and what he wishes he could've done differently in Dallas, on knowing what plays were coming on offense when he was with the team.

Irving tells the story of how he believes the NFL manipulated their drug testing system to catch him in the act, and why he's now turning his attention towards positive change and marijuana advocacy.