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Choppy The ‘Degenerate’: Wanna Bet Me $8 Billion?

RJ Choppy
May 15, 2018 - 1:21 pm

Eight. Billion. Dollars.

Let me say that one more time in case you missed it. 

Eight. Billion. Dollars.

That is the estimated amount of money the state of New Jersey thinks that, at its maturity, it will take in per year in bets thanks to the Supreme Court opening the door to legalized sports wagering. 

Texas has about three times as many people as New Jersey does. So it doesn't take a big leap of faith or a big calculator to envision the number “$8 Billion” climb well into the double-digits in The Lone Star State.

Can we really let that money go elsewhere? 

People bet on sports right now, be it illegally with a bookie, or via offshore websites such as Bovada, or in office pools, and they will continue to do so regardless of whether the politicos in Austin like it or not.

I don't need much deep thought to figure out that Oklahoma and Louisiana will adopt these plans in the next 24 months. I'm sure they already have plans drawn up for potential profit-center Sports Books. 

In New Jersey, of that $8 billion, they estimate $1 billion of that will come from Monmouth Park, a horse track. 

Hey! We have one of those! Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie is a perfect location, already with the "Bar and Book" established on its grounds, for our first legalized sports wagering facility. The track is owned by the Chickasaw Nation and they also control the Winstar World Casino & Resort, so they know how to run a business in the gaming industry. 

This would not be a fly-by-night operation. 

Does gaming bring about crime? Sure. Where there's money, there's often crooks. I think the concern is massively overblown, however. 

I've been to Las Vegas 32 times. (Yes, I have a bit of a problem, thus my “Degenerate” bit on “Shan & RJ” mornings here on 105.3 The Fan.) Yet I've never once witnessed a drug deal, I've never seen a crime take place, and I've never been solicited by a prostitute.

(Though maybe I should feel non-flattered by that last factoid.)

They're out there, these “bad guys”; you can find them. But of all the trips I've made to the desert, and the near triple-digit trips I’ve made to Winstar, I've never once felt unsafe. 

The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

How strongly do I feel about this? “Degenerate”-strong. So ... I’ve got 2-1 odds that say the Texas State Legislature can't walk away from an $8 billion windfall.

Wanna bet?