Kevin Turner

KT's TOLO Q&A - Volume 2

Kevin 'KT' Turner
July 01, 2019 - 2:31 pm

On Facebook there's a group of listeners in the 105.3 The Fan TOLO Group that we've all enjoyed interacting with over the past couple months.  For fun, I asked them to shoot me some questions about life, sports, pop culture, the radio business, etc. Pretty much anything goes. If you have your own question, just hit me at and i'll try to get to it in a future piece. Here we go!​


Kelly C Murphy: What do you guys talk about most during commercial breaks?

KT: Some things just can’t be talked about on here but I can tell you that it’s different for every show.  For us, you know the flow of the show and it might depend on what segment just happened or is coming up next.  In general, talking a lot during a break is something we try to stay away from just because that’s your time to catch your breath and gather your thoughts.  On the other hand, I can’t tell you the number of times that we’ve cracked the mic dying laughing coming out of a break because of something funny or stupid that was said off the air. 


Alex Montalvo: If you could have a meal with anyone who ever existed who would you choose?

KT: For me it’s Dave Matthews. He’s been my icon for years.  It’s a fascinating story of where he came from, coming to America, escaping war, and then somehow turning a bartender gig into a band.  From the sports world it would be Tiger Woods. Can you imagine getting to the bottom of everything that’s happened with him over the years? 


Justin John Gonzalez: What sparked your interest in radio?

KT: A love of sports and a desperate need to entertain is where it all started for me.  I used to do play by play in my room of random games on television or even video games that I would play on Sega Genesis growing up.  I was always talking to myself and honestly didn’t have a ton of friends growing up so you could often find me in my room as the play by play announcer of random video games or games on television.  My older cousins Blake and Tye also had a lot to do with it. We used to do fake sports talk shows and record them on cassette tapes as kids.  


Chris Sikes: What is your favorite segment and why?

KT: For me it’s the Weekday Update.  I love the wacky approach to news stories that our show takes.  It often leads to a larger discussion that provides laughter. We always know when the Weekday Update is on the clock that we’re going to be laughing and having some good fun in that segment.  We try to place it in areas where the segment before and the segment after are good hearty sports segments which allows for a little levity in the Weekday Update. 


David Jack Lennon: Do you think the Rangers will attract more talent when they move inside next year?

KT:  I’m not sure that aspect alone will matter too much, but it definitely can’t hurt.  I just think in general being a good team and having a great players manager like Chris Woodward will really help more than anything else.  In the end, in baseball it typically just comes down to the money. I’m curious to see how aggressive ownership will be moving forward. Honestly, historically the big money contracts haven’t really paid off around the league.  I’d hate to be on the hook for the rest of Bryce Harper’s career at that money.  


Matt Hoaldridge: What’s the most fun part of covering the draft and the least fun part?

KT:  The most fun part is just talking with Jeff and Broaddus while watching players.  What are you seeing here? That type of stuff. We kick each other in the nuts and have a good time while scouting players, so even though we’re focused and locked in, it’s a comfortable environment where it doesn’t feel like work, it just feels like you’re hanging out with your buddies watching football.  The least fun part is just when you get tape on a guy and he doesn’t flash and he just is kind of a meh player. It’s a part of the job and I love looking for day three steals, but sometimes you will slide into a funk where you watch 5 or 6 players in a row and none of them are draftable and it just kind of sucks the air out of you. 


Kevin Spaccavento: What’s the most fun interview you’ve ever had?

KT: Joel McHale, Bob Odenkirk, Dean Norris, Ken Jeong, and some of those really cool celebrities, but I think the most fun interview I ever had was with Lil’ Roy a homeless man down in Deep Ellum who was “just trying to get some weed.”  Nice guy Lil’ Roy and I hope he is doing well. 


Sean Regan: Will we ever see the return of the KT fro?

KT: The long Texas summer makes it tough, but if my hairline keeps receding then I think the KT fro will return in the fall/winter months of 2019/2020. 


Trent Taggart:  What do you think it will truly take for Jerry to get rid of Garrett?

KT: Not making it to the final four this year.  It’s clear to everyone, Jason needs to make it to the NFC Championship game, and to be honest they’ve got a great roster and a really great shot to do that.  


Dominique Toney: Who cusses the most at the radio station?

KT: Me, Skin, or Shan is my immediate answer, but there’s a whole lot of cussing going on up there.


Juan DeSantiago: Who at the station were you most intimidated by when you first started out?  Which coworker gave you the worst first impression? Which coworker took the longest to warm up to you?

KT:  I was most intimidated by Gavin Dawson.  When I came in May 2013, we were replacing Richie and Greggo and the G-Bag Nation was at night, so I automatically had this guilt in my head about being 25 years old and quickly sliding into afternoon drive that quickly.  Turns out, Gavin is an awesome dude and is just so chill and mild mannered most of the time that I was sorely mistaken to be intimidated by him. He was one of the first guys to make a real effort to try and get to know me and talk shop about the business.  I also thought Cavanaugh might hate me too, but we went and had beers the week I got hired and have been thick as thieves ever sense. I think Shan probably took the longest to warm up to me but that’s just by product of him working morning and me working afternoons.  Quite honestly, I think it took Ben and Skin about a year to really trust me and get to know me well, and here we are now 6 years later still grinding.