8 Unanswered Questions From Michael Jordan's 'The Last Dance'

Jared Sandler
May 22, 2020 - 10:40 am

The Last Dance was a blast and provided lots of interesting insight and anecdotes. While it answered a lot of questions, it left many unanswered. I mean, not even ten hours of content is enough to answer a Santa Claus-length list of questions surrounding the fascinating career of Michael Jordan and his Bulls teams. Here are the questions I’m most interested in having answered either at all or with further detail or clarity. Some have some gravity to them while others are more immaterial.

#1 Would the Bulls have been able to get all the players to come back if Phil had agreed to stay?

It’s easy to say that they would have now but just because MJ told me they would means little. He had an agenda in saying that. There are many reasons to believe Scottie wouldn’t have come back and that they might have lost key role players, too. Remember, it isn’t like they rolled to a championship with ease. The Pacers took them to seven and the Jazz were awfully tough.

#2 Had they all come back as planned, would they have even won a fourth straight title?

Again, it’s very easy to sit here and say, “Of course they would have!” without critically analyzing the situation. First of all, who knows how a lockout shortened season would have impacted things. Maybe it would have helped a team that wasn’t getting younger. The Spurs were really good and probably would have caused absolute fits for the Bulls down low. Dennis Rodman was not any good after the ’98 season so whose to say he’d have been any good had the band stayed? Same with Scottie. While he was still good, he wasn’t great. Maybe it was leaving the Bulls and MJ or maybe it was that he had sustained lots of wear and tear and physically was going downhill. But, MJ was amazing so maybe he’d have made it happen.

#3 Why was Jerry Krause not willing to mend fences with Phil?

We know why, but I guess I wish Jerry was alive to truly share his side. I thought he got a pretty raw deal in the ten-part series. He definitely was far from perfect but he didn’t seem to get any credit…

#4 Why did Jordan really retire the first time?

I don’t even necessarily think it was gambling-related. Maybe he was 110% honest in the documentary but I have my suspicions. For the ultimate competitor to retire at the top of his game with a chance to enter elite status of winning a 4th straight title to just walk away makes little sense…

#5 Why were five guys even allowed to deliver a pizza?

Even though MJ himself didn’t order the pizza and Tim Grover surely didn’t say it was for MJ, with all the security MJ had they must have let the hotel know it was coming. Either way, hotels are protective when celebs or teams stay on their property and it is odd that five guys were allowed to waltz right up to Jordan’s room.

#6 Why was Juanita Vanoy nowhere to be seen?

Jordan’s ex-wife probably could share some pretty compelling insight as to what life was like those days. It’s odd that Jordan’s kids, who barely made an appearance, and his ex-wife combined to receive less airtime than Carmen Electra. Maybe she opted not to participate or wasn’t asked, but I’d like to know why.

#7 What if Jordan didn’t retire the second time?

Where would he have played? How good would he have been?

#8 What was MJ’s real relationships like with those guys then and now…

It was sad to see him celebrate the sixth title playing the piano surrounded by…media? He had close relationships with security detail members and his trainer and the support staff, but I never got the sense he had a truly close relationship with his teammates. A few of them, including Pip, were unhappy with the doc. I think they acknowledge MJ’s greatness and respect a lot about him…they might even like him, but I don’t get the sense it is any more than that.