Daily Debriefing: The Player Who Will Transform The Dallas Cowboys Defense

Gavin Dawson
September 19, 2019 - 11:21 am

I'll hit you with the top stories around the Cowboys in today's Daily Debriefing.

First of all the status of Xavier Woods is a great story. Mike Fisher reporting, as he told us all earlier this week, it's not a 4-6 recovery but instead perhaps more like just 2 weeks.

We'll also discuss the return of a Dallas Cowboys pass rusher who could ignite the defense and allow it to play up to off season expectations for the first time this year.

The top story in NFL news involves a player who is currently mad at the NFL for fining him. This player has hinted on social media he'd like to play for Kris Richard, and also recently unfollowed his team on social media. And his team isn't good.

This could be fun.