Daily Debriefing: David Irving Is Back, Latest On Dak & Amari

Gavin Dawson
February 26, 2020 - 12:12 pm

So many headlines flying out of the NFL combine to talk about - and we take a look at three of the bigger Dallas Cowboys stories we have seen so far.

First up, former Cowboys DT David Irving is asking to be reinstated. I'll tell you why the team has to be super interested in finding out if he will become available.

Multiple outlets are reporting that the Cowboys will not have conversations with Dak Prescott or Amari Cooper until the CBA has been negotiated. We talk about what they are trying to pull off here.

And a conversation I've been looking forward to having with Jeff Cavanaugh and Bryan Broaddus, how good was Dak's season? How much does situational failures weigh down the overall dominance that is his statistical profile?