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Mageors Monday: One Logical Cowboys Emotion; Super Bowl!

Cory Mageors
September 09, 2019 - 11:37 am

Let’s reassess all of our feelings together and see if we feel the same way we did when the Cowboys scored their 35th point.

Super Bowl or Bust

After the first game of the season against an opponent predicted to be in the bottom of the league, there is one logical emotion and that is “THE COWBOYS ARE WINNING THE SUPER BOWL!!!!”

Now, maybe that is an overreaction emotion, but there were many question marks regarding this team and for at least one game, the offense looked creative and unpredictable, and the quarterback had a perfect 158.3 passer rating.

The manner in which the offense whipped the Giants defense through the air made you feel that tempo and pace are working in their favor. The question is can they do it to the good teams.

Dak and Kellen Find Mismatches

I heard Trent Dilfer on early with Shan and RJ and he used the term “information players.”

What he went on to say about that is players on the opposing side who tell you what the play will become. It’s all about pre-snap reads and understanding the flow of a play.

If Dak moves a tight end from one side of the line to the other and a linebacker moves with him, then it gives Dak information. If Dak runs a play action and sees a safety or linebacker freeze or bite down, then based on the way Kellen Moore has designed his plays, there will be a guy open.

Every player on the defensive side gives a little nugget of information to Dak and Moore helps him identify those guys for each play and how to expose, and punish them.

Two things, A) Dak is reading and identifying faster B) Moore is preparing him for that way earlier in the process.

We Don’t Need Zeke

If you think you don’t need Ezekiel Elliott now and that the Cowboys wasted paying him his money when they now have an electric passing game, you’re wrong.

The Cowboys may not have needed the running back to win this game, but they are happy to have the threat of the run.

Also, to be a championship team, you have to be able to do it all. I always compare this to the San Antonio Spurs. The most frustrating thing about the Spurs was that Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili could do so many dynamic things in the pick-and-roll and out on the perimeter, Bruce Bowen with the corner three and then if all else failed, give it to Tim Duncan in the post.

They were a multiple offense that could match up with anybody’s deficiency.

With Elliott in your backfield, he adds another dimension to your ability to force the issue with your offense.

More often than not, defenses are going to key in on stopping Zeke, and after what we just saw, that will give opponents a disadvantage when Dak is clicking. But if a defense decides it is better at taking away the pass, then the Cowboys can rumble with the ground game.

Again, Moore showed he can find the tempo to do it in the air, and there is no doubt in my mind that he understands when the mismatch is his running back, he’ll use that too.

Dak Was Barely Touched

As a matter of fact Dak was minimally pressured and never got sacked. The Cowboys offensive line gave him plenty of room to work, but even still, Dak was getting rid of the ball quickly because he knew where he was going and the tempo of each play.

I think because the Cowboys were so effective with the RPO’s and Dak was executing completions, and pre snap movement had the Giants defense so off balance, the Giants defense didn’t really know how to pressure without getting hurt.

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