DeAndre Jordan

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Still Not Ready To Forgive DeAndre, So Don’t Screw This Up

Cory Mageors
July 02, 2018 - 1:55 pm

The dust hasn’t quite settled, and the ink hasn’t touched the paper yet, but DeAndre Jordan is committed to the Mavs (again) and I’m not over 2015.

I know the Mavericks organization has said they can forgive and forget, but I’m not ready.

Jordan embarrassed the fan base and the Mavericks organization with his decision. And to top it off, he showed what kind of person he is before; the type of person that, as a fan, I can’t trust.

This franchise is kinda used to being laughed at, especially when it comes to big time free agents, but we were the laughing stock of NBA fan-bases and it’s a sore place that I’m not ready to let go of.

Emojifest, having no big men or other free agents to truly pursue and leaving a void in the Mavs defense that wasted a couple of more years of Dirk’s career. These were things we had to contend with while Jordan hung out and had a pretty mediocre installment with the Clippers.

I’m not saying Jordan was the linchpin to Mavs success around here, but there were whispers of other free agents excited to join forces with he and Dirk. It would have become a very compelling place to play.

That being said, if he hadn’t turned his back side to DFW and left us waiting at the alter, there is the possibility that Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson would have continued their path of pursuing big fish and settling for bait every year. Sitting in the middle, not good enough to compete with the Warriors, but too good to get a lottery pick, making subtle trades with pedestrian results.

I’ve always felt like that little moment of embarrassment convinced Cubes to flip the kill switch and build through the draft.

Cuban is competitive, as well as Rick Carslile, and Dirk, I get it. But a little change in philosophy has already gone a long way in bringing hope and intrigue to the Mavs organization.

So, I’m laying out some ground rules for how I can go from negative emotions to this Jordan signing, to emotionless, to okay with it all.

It’s not as simple as get into the playoffs, which would help, or win a playoff series which would be pretty awesome but still not enough. Now a Championship is pretty unrealistic so if he was a key part of that, then I’d clearly change my mind.

I need to see some things from him competitively to believe he’s in for the development of these young players and committed to making up for his previous actions.

His role is big man in an offense built to allow these talented youngsters the space to learn, fail and splash home buckets.

On offense, dominate the boards and don’t worry about your points, honestly if you clean up and put back for 10-12 points a night, I’m perfectly content with that and could care less how that affects your contract the next year. Set screens so hard that defenses fear chasing Dennis Smith Jr. and Luka Doncic around. And when it’s your turn to put one home, don’t question it.

On defense, this is your baby. Be the general back there. These guys need somebody talking to them, telling them where to be, but more importantly they need your veteran vision chirping in their ears and getting them in position for you to protect the rim.

Swat everything, get these kids excited, they will feed off of you and if they feed and trust, then the Mavs fans inside the AAC and outside the arena will feed and start buying back in on this journey they’ve taken with this team and you.

Also, do what you’ve done throughout your career on the boards, you’re a big man who eats up space. Box out and grab 10 a night.

But above all, do not disappear. Carlisle is going to challenge you mentally and physically to get the best out of you, and there will be times when you feel like you want to give up, but you already gave up once on this franchise, as a man, you shouldn't’t do it twice. 

It’s a brilliant move by Cuban to show that business can always be conducted especially since we’ve had the lackluster output of Lamar Odom, Rajon Rondo and now Nerlens Noel roll through here. If you don’t think guys talk about their experience with a franchise, then you’re insane. This time around, money is talking but I’m hopeful it becomes a sign that the Mavs organization is the new place to be with a collection of young talent on the rise.

So don’t screw this one up Deandre.