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Mageors Monday: All About Execution

Cory Mageors
October 21, 2019 - 12:57 pm

From top to bottom, we heard execution as the reason the Cowboys failed for the previous three weeks.

Sunday night against the Eagles at home, the Cowboys showed both sides of that.

Successful execution favored the Cowboys, while lack of execution flopped Philly.

On Monday we will celebrate a victory, but it’s frustrating the Jekyll and Hyde opposites this Dallas team appears to be.


First Half Takeoff

The Cowboys forced two fumbles defensively and capitalized on both. Forcing turnovers has been a problem for this Cowboys defense, but more importantly, the Cowboys putting up 14 points in the first quarter has been unheard of.

The first half of 27 points is also the most they have scored in the first half this season.

Dak was rolling for 161 yards on 15-20 passing with a 114.8 rating. Zeke had 65 yards on the ground and TD with 25 receiving yards.

On the other side Carson Wentz was 5-8 for 51 yards and Dallas Goedert was essentially the only Eagles receiver with positive yards.


Defense Puts TD’s on Platter

That first half was the best first half the Cowboys they’ve had and it came because the Cowboys defensive unit put their scorers in the opponent territory twice. It was the big stat all week, the Cowboys had zero drives starting in their opponent’s territory. The better teams in the NFL, were at least getting opportunities to start short drives, while the Cowboys were constantly having to drive 50+ yards to score.

The Cowboys first drive was 45 yards before they finished with the nifty pitch to Tavon Austin for 20-yards.

The second drive put the Cowboys on the Eagles 14-yard line for a two-play drive for seven points.

Both of those touchdown drives were setup by fumbles forced by the defense.

According to NextGen, the Cowboys brought pressure on 52-percent of the dropbacks for 3 sacks. Everyone was involved with eight defenders getting at least two disruptions to Wentz.


#FreeJLew #FTW

Many of the hosts at 105.3 The Fan have been asking why Jourdan Lewis isn’t on the field more, and the answer has always been rather vague.

His arms aren’t long enough, the other guys are better, he’s being outplayed. Whatever the reason, in the last two weeks he’s made big plays in the last two games.

Last night he had 4 tackles (all solo) a sack a tackle for loss and a QB hit while also being around the ball all night.

I’m not sure if he’s won a job, but for a team so in need of playmakers, he seems to be in the right spot very often.


Vander Esche-Lee Combo

Vander Esche was finally starting to play like himself when he left the game with a stinger. He said after that he would have stayed in the game if it were up to him, but an early exit also sets him up for a long opportunity to make sure his neck is right over the next two weeks.

On the flip side, Sean Lee got more opportunities and he showed he’s still got the great instincts and ability to go along with it.

I’m not one for having to rely on Lee for a long period of time, or for hoping his health lasts forever, but seven tackles with six solo with a pass deflection let’s me know that guy still has one of the most wonderful minds in the game to go along with the physical ability to get where he needs to be.


Is Garrett Safe?

It’s nice to get a bye week here because now there are two weeks of nobody questioning if this offense can get back to what it was. There will be nobody doubting Kellen Moore’s play calling, and honestly more people will be hyped about the defense finally coming alive than whether or not they are a shell of their former selves.

The one question that won’t go away is Jason Garrett’s job security.

He doesn’t have a contract and he has to reach a certain goal before he can get his next one. Jerry Jones made that very clear before the year.

I believe unless the Cowboys are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, Garrett is with this team for the entirety of the regular season, no matter how embarrassing a loss may be. What’s most important for him is to build this team into what it needs to be in order to get the extra win it takes in the playoffs to stay as the head coach.


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