Mageors Monday: Garrett And The Middle Of The Road Boys

Cory Mageors
October 14, 2019 - 8:11 am

It got violent on social media during this game. Downright salty for a ton of fans who expect much more out of this Cowboys team. 

What they can’t understand the most is how an offense that took flight so early in the season, and looked on pace to break all sorts of franchise records, has been grounded for three straight weeks, AND couldn’t do enough to beat a previously all-defeated New York Jets team. 

On the flip side, how could the Jets, who just got back their star QB from a mono hiatus, and hadn’t scored any real points in their first 4 games make it look so easy offensively?

What’s weirder is this team won the turnover battle, converted third downs 10-17 compared to Jets 2-10 and converted more first downs. A lot of the qualities of a typical Jason Garrett win were involved, but a slow first half put them behind and playing catch-up yet again. 


Dak Didn’t Throw An Interception This Week

He also didn’t throw a touchdown. He was 28-40 for 277 yards. He was without Amari Cooper from essentially the start of the game, and Michael Gallup had some uncharacteristic moments, as well as Jason Witten. By the way, stop throwing the streak route to Witten, he’s not that tight end anymore. 

A lot of people will crush Dak for this game, Greg Williams brings tremendous pressure and Dak was under duress all day, but that’s how an NFL season goes. Dak has been credited for “finding a way to get the job done” by the owner, coaches and many others, but he didn’t for the third consecutive week.

While he didn’t throw a TD, Dak did rush for one, in the fourth quarter, tying Roger Staubach for the most career rushing touchdowns by a Cowboys quarterback in team history at 20.  And he leads the NFL with 20 rushing touchdowns since 2016, 5 better than Cam Newton.

But none of that matters. 


Or Did He Throw A Touchdown

On the goal line, Witten caught what appeared to be an easy touchdown that was well on its way to setting up a comeback for the Cowboys. 

Instead the they has to settle for a 32-yard field goal. 

The refs called Cedric Wilson for a pass interference in the end zone because he drove up field and essentially took two defenders out of the play. To me, it looked like he was running his route and simply got tangled up in the mix. I thought it was a crummy call especially since we see teams run routes like this all of the time and it goes uncalled, but it further adds to the narrative that the refs are out to get the Cowboys. 

This would have put the Boys at 21-13 with the entire fourth quarter to make up the difference, their next two TD’s would have essentially won the game. 


Jourdan Lewis Doing His Thing

A number of hosts at 105.3 The Fan have been questioning why Lewis isn’t on the field more. He seems to have a knack for finding the ball, and he got his interception. The lone turnover forced. I don’t know how you teach turnovers, but this defense was being shredded by Sam Darnold for big throws over and over, while effectively staving off the run game which they’ve been drilled by. 

The big touchdown to Robby Anderson was brutal, maybe we’ll see more packages thy get Lewis on the field to create some more turnovers. 


Robert Quinn Doing His Thing Too

Quinn had two more sacks in the game, putting him at 5 on the season. That’s a nice little pace for a guy who missed the first two games of the year, but the rest of the team could step up a little too. 

Those two sacks were the only two quarterback hits of the day. I’m not one for the Tank got his money and he’s soft now narrative, because I watch and he’s battling like crazy. However, I feel like the entire line could be doing so much more. Even still, Quinn getting his means they can’t ignore him and at some point, he’ll be forcing teams to pay attention leaving somebody else an opportunity. 


Zeke On The Run

Zeke had 105 rushing yards on 28 carries and now stands at 4,539 rushing yards for his career. Com- bined with his 1,334 career receiving yards, Elliott reached 4,500 rushing yards and 1,250 receiving yards in his 46th career game, joining LaDanian Tomlinson and Edgerrin James as the only players in NFL history to do so in the first 50 games of a career.

He’s now cracked 100 yards on the ground 22 times in his short career, but even bigger has reached paydirt in three straight games. Unfortunately, those three straight games have also been three straight losses.


Questions About Garrett Will Heat Up

This team had a chance to win it late, and couldn’t pull off the comeback, needing a two point conversion. The on-side kick almost worked though….almost. 

But the simple fact is, today’s NFL allows for explosive offenses week in and week out, and this team has a chance to be that kind of offense. On the first drive, Amari Cooper was hobbled and it was a very lethargic opening for the Cowboys offense. However, there is still plenty of talent to display and the groaning about Jason Garrett’s fingerprints on the offense will continue to get louder.

The team didn’t look right coming out of the gates and that will continue to be a criticism of Garrett and his inability to prepare them for the mindset of turning things up when they need to. 

I don’t think things are splintering in the locker room, but the Jets has a players only meeting last week before they started prepping for the Cowboys. I think it may be time for the Cowboys to do the same before something becomes divisive at The Star. 


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