Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys

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Mageors Monday: Frustrating Cowboys Loss Setting Bad Tone

Cory Mageors
October 07, 2019 - 9:28 am

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This team didn’t get fired up until it was too late. They played panicked most of the first half, and then when Garrett finally showed some emotion they turned on a switch. They need to find that sense of urgency always, especially when they are playing better competition.

Flat starts time, and time again with these guys. I understand wanting to control the grind, but this QB plays with tempo and things change. Know your talent, and what they do best and that becomes the execution. They failed today on so many levels, didn’t deserve to be in it late.

I’m not blaming Garrett for what happened on the field. Other than he sets the tone and has to figure out why they are flat in the first quarter. The pressure from the defense was atrocious until they had to turn it up, but by then they were gutted. Lack of turnovers sucks. (To expound on this last sentence, the Cowboys lost the turnover portion of this game and lack the ability or have not shown it at least to force teams into turnovers, and any time you force a turnover, you give your offense extra opportunities in better field position. Down throughout this game, they desperately needed just that).


Interceptions Cut Them To The Core

Dak Prescott’s first interception of the game was a poorly spotted ball, but Amari Cooper had plenty of opportunity to catch it.

Cooper said the only thing on his mind after the game was the dropped ball and the turnover it created.

“I feel like it gave them a lot momentum in the game,” Cooper said.

Cooper said he turned his attention up field too soon and was thinking about scoring. He knows he has to secure the ball first. However, the ball bounced up and right into the hands of Jaire Alexander.

Dak, will complete blame for his second interception, he misread the zone and didn’t see the Chandon Sullivan in the passing lane.

He had an interception in the end zone overturned because of hands to the face for Za’Darius Smith.

Then there was a terrible non-call on a pass to Michael Gallup where Kevin King was basically boxing Gallup’s helmet and he grabbed the pass because he pushed Gallup out of position and Dak’s timing of the route was blown.

They can all pass the blame around the room and when you are putting the ball in the air 44 times a game, something bad is destined to happen. The risk is worth the reward if you are getting better results in the end.


Defense Gutted By Jones

After what felt like Aaron Jones’ 80th touchdown, you could hear him over the on field camera say “This is my house.”

It was and I don’t know how to fix the troubling issue the Cowboys defense has up the middle in the run game.

Jones had 107 yards for a robust 5.6 ypc and 4 rushing touchdowns.

That’s three 100 games this year where they have given up more than 100 yards on the ground, and while it isn’t all on one running back each time, going back to the Rams playoff game last year, it’s the same story.

Teams feel absolutely confident that they can run up the middle on first down and the Cowboys are doing nothing to force them into anything different.


Maher Misses and People Blame Me

Okay, I tweeted out that Maher was going to miss.

But, that’s not the point. The point is that he missed 66-percent of his field goals Sunday and that’s not good enough. If he makes the 54-yarder in the first half then this game is completely different on the final drive. Sure, they still need to get points for a win, but at least they have a chance on the final drive to score a touchdown to tie the game.

Jason Garrett settled with the field goal-on-side-kick combo platter and Maher couldn’t even get that part right from a mere 34-yards out.

Coming into the season one of the biggest weaknesses the K&C Masterpiece thought was the kicker and how the team just felt like he’d be fine.


Why Are The Referees Even There?

I am not typically a person who complains about referees that frequently. I understand they are part of the game, and they have human error.

That being said, the fingerprints of the stripes were all over this game and it effectively made the game a drag at times.

The two teams combined for 20 penalties for 202 yards.

It wasn’t cleanly called on either side, and it’s a pretty bad look for the NFL that their product is affected less by the plays and more by the penalties.

Also, I know they don’t get to see the catches in super slow motion like we do, but they are paid to call catches, catches and do their job correctly. They should be held accountable to that too and fan bases have the right to complain about that.

Whatever Jason Garrett said that garnered an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty must have been so atrocious that Satan himself would have spit after hearing it.

I liked Jerry Jones comment after the game, about the “little darlings” having heard something they had never heard before.

The team still has to execute better and score instead of turning the ball over, but that game got ugly and almost boring thanks to the referees.


I’m Sick Of Being Beaten By Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is now 7-2 against the Cowboys and he’s never lost at AT&T Stadium. His wins have come in the biggest gut punching ways too. Dez caught it, Jared Cook and this game just adds to the sickening legacy of limburger he’s left me smelling.

I just hope the Cowboys get a chance to get into the playoffs….and don’t have to play him.  


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