Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins


Mageors Monday: Dak Good, Offense Good, Football Fun

Cory Mageors
September 16, 2019 - 10:31 am

I get asked by hosts across the country what its like to cover the Dallas Cowboys because they always have content billowing from the factory. Whether its contracts or game-day activity or even off field chaos, the Cowboys are always talked about in the media, locally and nationally.

I tell them it’s a blast.

Even more fun is covering a winning team.

Right now, the Cowboys are winning, and that changes everything. Sometimes you have to cover a losing team and nobody on that team wants to talk, the topics become bland and are almost always about the future and making the team better by getting rid of a guy or firing a coach, and quite simply that’s not fun. Sunday’s game against Washington may have started off rocky, but Kevin Hageland and I were at HERO in Dallas with hundreds of Cowboys fans and TOLOs and it was an absolute party.

That makes covering this team even more fun. So just like last week in this space, the only logical emotion is SUPER BOWL!


Dak Was Good, or Was He Great?

I remember last year people losing their minds about Dak Prescott not throwing for 270 yards week in and week out.

The thrashings coming that the QB was the problem, not the offense.

Well, he didn’t throw for 270 this week, but he tossed three touchdowns, ran for 69 yards, completed 18 straight passes at one point and also got the all important W.

If you have 11 incompletions and only one interception, you are doing your job as a quarterback and it helps you hold everybody up to a high standard.

This quarterback has better footwork, makes better reads and is clicking in an offense stacked full of talent. Dak was great yesterday.


Offense Was Good!

A grand total of 474 yards and 4 TDS. Cowboys won 33:22 time of possession. 7.3 yards per play. Your running back cracked 100 yards and had a TD, converted 7 of 11 on third down and 3 of 4 in the red zone.

There were moments where Washington played sound enough defense to stall the Cowboys a few of times, but as predicted they were unable to keep pace with an offense that now ranks second in total yards, third in passing and top 5 in points per game. And if you ever need to lean on Zeke, you can. But you don’t have to right now.


Peterson Not Productive

I told Kevin on Friday night that Washington was going to get so far behind that it would have to abandon the run game and there was no reason to fear it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t necessarily the case, but they still seemingly abandoned the run game.

The team totaled 47 yards on the ground at a clip of 2.8 per carry and Peterson finished the day as the lead runner with 25 whole yards.

The Cowboys defense looked leaky in the prior two games stopping the run, but they weren’t about to let Peterson go off on them this week. Now, since teams may have to start passing the ball more often, maybe these safeties need to get on those jugs machines and get some reps catching the ball in so they can force more turnovers. No turnovers this week, with a couple of legit opportunities. This offense is good, but this stands a chance of being a top 3 defense in the league if they can grow in that department.


A Look Down The Road

Dallas may benefit from an injury and stands a chance to be 4-0 after playing the Saints. News breaking that Drew Brees is going to miss 6 weeks after surgery on his thumb is nothing you want to see, especially if you drafted him in the station fantasy league like I did, but Teddy Bridgewater is not Brees. For the Cowboys, if they handle business against a terrible Dolphins team, could be on their way to a very strong record heading into October.


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