Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence

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Cory: Cowboys Actually Think They Can Beat NO….That’s Cute

Cory Mageors
November 28, 2018 - 12:14 pm

Demarcus Lawrence said some pretty big words this week as the Cowboys get ready to take on the best team in the NFL Thursday night at AT&T Stadium.

While, I think its pretty necessary that a leader like him steps up in these moments, all I can think is the well oiled machine Sean Payton is running right now has added fuel to the gas tank.

And I’ll be quite honest, fanning those flames might be what’s best for a team that is still trying to figure out what it is. How else are you going to be sure you get your opponent’s A-Game?

Tank’s words sounded like a man trying to lay the game plan out well in advance.

"They're going to have to match our intensity," Lawrence said. "(Bleep), for 60 minutes straight, if you hit a (bleep) in the mouth and then they ain't doing what they're regularly doing, putting up 50 points, they start to get a little distressed. Now, you got them where you want them at, and then you (bleep) choke their ass out."

Now, you know how this game works. You clap, somebody claps back.

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, who has 86 catches 1,080 yards and 8 TD’s on the season has officially clapped back, and basically said "that's cute Tank."

Thomas can clap as loud as he wants. He is virtually indefensible on slant routes with Drew Brees at the healm, we’ll get to him in a minute.

According to Brad Gagnon, national writer at Bleacher Report, Thomas is on pace to become the first player this century to catch more than 85% of his targets at a rate of more than 12 yards per, with a minimum of 50 targets. Gagnon adds that the stats only go back to 1992.

This season, he’s had 4 games with at least 10 catches, and has not been held under 4 catches in any individual game.

The dude is an absolute beast. So when he claps, is it the loudest? Right now it certainly is.

His freaking twitter handle is @cantguardmike…what kinda cojones is that?!

Okay, so you’re Tank Lawrence and you’re like “yeah but he’s just one dude.”

I get it. Then they have Alvin Kamara 15 combined TD’s on the ground and in the air, 1,225 total yards and 0 fumbles….ZERO!

Mark Ingram was implemented later in the season and he’s averaging 5.6 yards a touch and that doesn’t even include Taysom Hill who just pops in from time to time to run hard and remind people that Payton can pretty much run any play he wants from any set on his Cheesecake Factory Menu length offense playbook.

Add this, Payton who has been utilizing old Bill Parcells tactics like leaving big things of cheese in the locker room and gas cans in players lockers to ask them if they have any gas left in the tank. It’s really brilliant stuff, I mean it’s stuff I saw in the locker room when Parcells was here, but even still it’s simple stuff that reminds the players no matter what is going on, there is always work to do so focus on the goal.

That being said, Payton would love to be the HC of the Cowboys. There isn’t a doubt that he knows walking into AT&T Stadium right in front of Jerry Jones, who loves him some Sean Payton, and smacking his team around the field with all of the offensive machismo he’s got, against an offense that is just starting to come along, would be the perfect audition.

And I don’t even think he needs an audition. He’s just gotta say the word.

But he’s not going anywhere until Drew Brees retires.

Which brings us to Brees.

He’s my favorite quarterback of all time. I loved watching the dude throw at Purdue and I’ve followed his amazingly underappreciated career every step of the way. His attitude and approach is everything you could ever want in your QB.

He’s got a 127.3 QB rating on the season, a rating which Dak Prescott has not gotten in any one game this year, but I’m not trying to compare careers of the two, its just a difference in how far apart these two are right now.

In addition to that his 8.1% TD to 0.6% INT ratio is off the charts amazing.

I know, any given Sunday (er Thursday) anything can happen, and I think a lot of people have talked themselves into the current Cowboys team we’re seeing is capable of doing it.

As my co-host Kevin Hageland says “I’m a Cowboys fan and I will always find a way for my team to win it.”

So part of me looks at this game as a great measuring stick. Now that Tank Lawrence has clapped once, you know a Saints team that is riding a 10-game win streak is going to come in hot to shut him up. So you will get a true measurement of how close you are to the best team in the league.

I remember a St. Louis Rams team talking about being a dynasty because of the youth and speed and offensive acumen they had right before a Patriots team stuffed them at the line by being physical early in their routes, on their way to winning a Superb Bowl.

I think Tank is telling his young teammates they have to do things to throw off the balance and timing the Saints have. If that’s knocking down a QB who has been sacked 2.7% of the drop backs he’s had, then they have work to do. If that’s knocking guys off their routes or lighting up a running back instead of just trying to tackle him, then they definitely have work to do.

But linebacker Jaylon Smith said it this week too, this defense has a relentless nature about itself.

Come Thursday night, we’ll see just how much fight they have, and if they can be the last ones to clap back during this regular season bout.