DFW Sports 10 Year Challenge: Who Aged the Best?

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December 02, 2019 - 2:33 pm

By Sterling Daniels

If you’ve been on social media in the past few weeks, you most likely have seen the #10YearChallenge all down your timeline.

People find a picture of themselves from 2009 and post it alongside a current photo to show how they’ve changed, for better or worse, over the past 10 years. It’s been an interesting trend to say the least and it got me thinking:

Which DFW franchise has aged the best over the past decade?

The 2010's have been an exciting decade for Metroplex sports. We’ve experienced the highest of highs (Thanks Dirk) and some pretty rough lows (darn you Nelson Cruz). But which of our four major teams has given us the BEST sports decade? Let’s see who has the best case:



W: 84

L:  71

Win% : 54%

Winning Seasons: 4 (3- .500)

Playoff App: 3

Playoff Wins: 2

Division Titles: 3

Conference Titles: 0

Super Bowls: 0

BEST MOMENT: Romo’s game-winning drive vs. Detroit in NFC Wild Card (2014)

WORST MOMENT(s): Dez caught it at Green Bay but the refs said he didn’t (2014)

Aaron Rodgers hits Jared Cook on GW drive in Divisional Rd. (2016)


“America’s Team” has a pretty good case to be “DFW’s 2010’s Team.” The Cowboys have the highest winning percentage of all Dallas teams. Four winning seasons and three division titles would be pretty commendable for any normal franchise.

Problem is, Jerry’s team isn’t any old franchise. This team probably gave DFW the most disappointment. Expectations were not met on a yearly basis and the failure to reach even a conference title game, hurts the Boys' argument.

As mediocre as they were, Cowboys fans only had to suffer through two, injury-riddled losing seasons. One of those seasons produced the No. 4 pick in the draft and was followed by a 13-3 campaign.


Rangers (2009-2019)

W: 930

L: 853

Win% : 52%

Winning Seasons: 7

Playoff App: 5

Playoff Series Wins: 4

Division Titles: 4

League Titles: 2

Championships: 0

BEST MOMENT: Neftali Feliz striking out A-Rod to clinch 1st ALCS Pennant (2010)

WORST MOMENT: Nelson Cruz. World Series Game six. Need I say more? (2011)


The Texas Rangers were arguably the most consistent metroplex team of the decade. Seven winning seasons and four division titles lead the DFW franchises. They are also the only team in Dallas with multiple championship appearances with back to back AL Pennants in 2010-2011. Honestly, the Rangers would have this in the bag if not for one, small, misplayed problem.

There is no World Series title in Arlington. Yes, they had two opportunities and came EXTREMELY close in 2011. But Ranger fans will leave this ballpark and decade without reaching the ultimate goal. Also, they appear to be the team with the most work to be done entering 2020.

Overall, it was a solid decade for the Rangers. Even in the down years, this team found ways to make games exciting. We’ve also been able to witness three awesome managers and some amazing talent. They have a strong case.


Mavs (2009-10 - Current)

W: 431

L: 389

Win% : 53%

Winning Seasons: 6 (1- .500)

Playoff App: 6

Playoff Series Wins: 4

Division Titles: 1

Conference Titles: 1

Championships: 1

BEST MOMENT: Defeated Miami’s Big 3 to win the NBA Title (2010-11)

WORST MOMENT: Blowing up Championship team and trading for Lamar Odom (2011-12)


The Mavericks sit in second place in both winning percentage and winning seasons. Although they only have one division title, the Mavs lead all DFW teams with 6 playoff appearances. But the biggest advantage our basketball team has is the hardware. The sole metroplex championship belongs to the Mark Cuban’s squad.

Really, the only downside to the Mavs’ resume is a few sub-par seasons in the waning years of the Dirk era. Even those years produced top draft picks DSJ and of course baby GOAT Luka. The years following the title were slightly disappointing, sure, but the banner hanging in the AAC makes up for a lot.

At the end of the day, lifting the Larry O'Brien trophy may lift the Mavericks above the rest of the teams in the Metroplex. The smooth transition from the Dirk Era to the Don Era has this franchise aging like J Lo.


Stars (2009-10 - Current):

W: 408

L: 362

Win% : 53%

Winning Seasons: 5 (1- .500)

Playoff Appearances: 3

Playoff Series Wins: 2

Division Titles: 1

Conference Titles: 0

Championships: 0

BEST MOMENT: Upsetting Nashville to advance to the Western Conference Semis (2018-19)

WORST MOMENT: Five straight losses to end season and miss 4th consecutive playoffs (2011-12)


This case is an interesting one. Like the Cowboys, the Stars had a good amount of regular season success. With a 53 percent win percentage and a 56 percent points percentage this team has consistently put a competitive team on the ice.

Also, like the Cowboys, our hockey team has struggled to meet expectations. Only one division title and a few early playoff exits may leave a lot of Stars fans upset this franchise hasn’t been able to capitalize on it’s talent.

But don’t let the lack of hardware fool you.

The Stars have arguably aged the best of all the metroplex teams. Strictly looking then versus now, Monty’s squad has probably glowed up the most. They are currently the most championship-ready team in DFW and with young talent like Miro and Hintz the future core looks bright. The Stars have low-key aged very well.

Overall, the Metroplex had a fairly successful decade. All four teams posted a winning record for the 2010’s and have a valid argument to best-aged franchise. But only one team sustained success, has a bright future and of course...won a championship.


My Verdict: Dallas Mavericks

Let’s be honest, titles rule all. Dirk and the Mavericks improbable title run in 2011 was the most fun DFW sports fans had all decade. The only championship parade of the 2010’s goes a long way. Most importantly, the Mavs have a new superstar to build around for the 2020’s in Luka Dončić. The combination of past success and future outlook puts the Mavericks above the rest.

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