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Why Jason Garrett Shouldn’t Be Fired, Yet

105.3 The Fan
October 17, 2019 - 9:29 am

By Sterling Daniels for 105.3 The Fan

I’m going to do something I have never done in the past decade: Defend Jason Garrett.

If you have already called me any combination of words that could get you flagged by Scott Edwards, I don’t blame you. After a 3-3 start, fans are calling for Garrett’s conservative, red head and it’s easy to understand why. The offense seems to have taken steps backward from being the hot, exotic looking attack of the first three games. The team as a whole has gotten off to slow starts in each of their first six games. Clock management seems to still be an issue and I would be crucified if I didn’t mention the infamous low-five snub.

I get it…this sucks.

Most years, I’m the President of the “Fire Jason Club.” However, I don’t think Ol’ Red deserves to lose his job…yet. Here’s why:

Although the sky seems to be falling, going into Sunday night’s matchup against the Eagles (heard on 105.3 The Fan) Dallas sits tied with Philly atop the NFC East. Even with a .500 start, the season is far from lost. Looking back on the three straight losses, the Cowboys fell for different, correctable reasons.

Saints game: Two costly and unlikely turnovers proved to be the difference.

Packers game: Three Interceptions and a repulsive run defense led to defeat.

Jets game: A 92 yard pass play ended up being the deciding score.

Though coaching and scheme decisions attributed to the losses, I have a hard time placing them solely on the shoulders of Jason Garrett. The team needs to be better in some ways, that are out of Garrett’s control. Fumbles, missed field goals and a league-leading amount of drops can’t be the fault of the head coach. I agree JG didn’t always put this team in the best position to win, but if there’s one thing he does well, it’s his ability to get his players focused on the little things. This Cowboys team may need that emphasis now more than ever.

The season is definitely in danger, but it’s still salvageable.

Attention to detail will be the difference between bouncing back and complete disaster. I believe a mid-season shift would tip the scales toward the latter given the circumstances and alternatives.

If Garrett gets fired right now, who is his replacement for the rest of the season? Do you trust Kris Richard or Rod Marinelli to take the reins and right this ship? I don’t. Especially with the recent poor play and seemingly outdated scheme of the defense. What about wonder boy Kellen Moore? Would the dismissal of Garrett allow him to finally break free and unleash offensive wizardry upon the NFL? Maybe. But I wouldn’t trust him to run a team when he’s getting his feet wet as an offensive coordinator. Tony Romo isn’t coming out of the booth (sorry you Romo hopefuls) and any new head coach brought in would need at least an offseason to install his new philosophy.

So what’s the solution for this season? Wait it out and make Jason earn his job.

Jerry and Stephen Jones made this red bed at the beginning of the season and now we’re going to have to sleep in it. Fortunately for us, at the end of the season there are no guarantees. It’s simple: If Jason doesn’t perform, he will not get a new contract from the Dallas Cowboys. “Perform” still means NFC championship game at minimum. That seems far fetched now, but the playoffs seemed a long way away last year at 3-5. Though there’s no apparent Amari-type deal, you never know what may happen at the trade deadline. Plus, the re-addition of a healthy Tyron, Byron and La’el will hopefully give this team a little boost for the rest of the season.

Let’s give Jason a chance to turn this around. Maybe he’ll give Kellen Moore “freedom” to reopen up the playbook. Maybe he’ll get the team back focused and on a championship contender track. Maybe he’ll make us all look silly for doubting his ability to rally the locker room and make Jerry look like a genius for keeping the faith.

Or maybe he won’t. Bright side for some fans is if he doesn’t, he’ll dig his own grave.

There’s no need for us to prematurely dig it for him.

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