Dallas Cowboys middle linebacker Jaylon Smith (54) and outside linebacker Leighton Vander Esch

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Fan Predictions: Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose To NY Giants If

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September 05, 2019 - 1:46 pm

The Fan hosts give their predictions for the first game of the 2019 regular season against the New York Giants.

The Cowboys will win, or lose to the NY Giants if...


Mike Bacsik

Cowboys Will Win If: The defense plays as well as they looked in training camp and preseason.

Cowboys Will Lose If: They turn over the ball a few times. They turn drives into FGs

Notes: Cowboys 23 Giants 13


Jared Sandler

Cowboys Will Win If: They don’t give this game away through turnovers and dumb penalties. If they played this game at this time ten times, the Cowboys should win nine. What I think we’d all like to see is the Cowboys establishing a new offensive scheme that better demonstrates the versatility and aggression required to make deep playoff runs and win big games. Yeah, you need to be able to get stops and win low scoring games like the Pats did in the Super Bowl, but the Pats don’t get to the Super without the ability to put up 30+ which the Cowboys haven’t been able to do. 

Cowboys Will Lose If: They give up two or three big plays to Saquon Barkley and struggle to run up the seam with Evan Engram. Those are the Giants’ two best offensive playmakers and, obviously, Saquon is one of the best in the league. He’s capable of making the big play and will often times risk a loss of a couple yards to dance around to try and find that big play so gap discipline will be huge for the Cowboys.


Jeff Cavanaugh

Cowboys Will Win If: Protect the quarterback. The Giants pass rush isn't impressive and as long as Dak has time to throw they'll be in good shape.

Cowboys Will Lose If: Saquon Barkley breaks a couple of huge plays. Sound tackling will limit the Giants offense because that passing attack isn't scary.

Notes: Cowboys 27, Giants 17


Kevin Hageland 

Cowboys Will Win If: The new offensive philosophy unleashes its awesome power on the world of the NFL!

Cowboys Will Lose If: They continue to play 1987 football, turn ball over, a lot would have to happen.

Notes: Cowboys 34, Giants 14


Cory Mageors

Cowboys Will Win If: They control the pace. I want to see them run the ball with power, but also chip away on short passing routes and then crush with big pass plays. When a team has to react offensively its bad. If they push, punch, haymaker, leap, then this team will control the pace.

Cowboys Will Lose If: The defense gets no pressure on the quarterback. The Giants quarterback is afraid to get hit and doesn't want pressure, get around him and force him into mistakes, otherwise he'll keep it close with his RB.

Notes: Cowboys 28, Giants 3


Kevin 'KT' Turner

Cowboys Will Win If: The Cowboys will win because they are a much deeper, better, dangerous team. Better offense, better defense. With Golden Tate suspended, the Giants WR group will feature Cody Latimer as WR2. Stop Shepherd, Engram, and Barkley, and you win.

Cowboys Will Lose If: The Cowboys lose if they let the Giants hang around. The new Cowboys don't have to play ball dominant offense to win anymore. Sure it'll help, but they can explode for points if they need too and they should try to do so early and often. The up and down Janoris Jenkins is CB1 w rookie D'Andre Baker as CB2. Michael Gallup will need to continue his physical play against a tough corner like Baker.

Notes:  Cowboys 34 - Giants 16


Ben Rogers

Cowboys Will Win If: Eli Manning plays.

Cowboys Will Lose If: Their stadium is hit by an asteroid... and it lands on Zeke.

Notes: Cowboys 34 Giants 10


Jeff 'Skin' Wade

Cowboys Will Win If: They show up on time

Cowboys Will Lose If: The Cowboys are late for the game

Notes: Cowboys 31 Giants 13


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