Sources: Jerry Plans Cowboys Ring Of Honor Announcement; Where's Brandt And Romo?

Mike Fisher
November 02, 2018 - 6:20 am
Jerry Jones

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FRISCO (105.3 THE FAN) -  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan not long ago to reveal a non-revelation, to spring a secret that he can't keep secret.

"I can't keep a secret,'' he said, acknowledging a character trait that everyone who truly knows Jerry knows is true.

But regarding his Friday news conference for scheduled for noon here at The Star? Jerry's done alright in trying to keep the subject under wraps.

Nevertheless, sources tell us that the announcement regards Jones' plans to announce the newest addition to the franchise's prestigious Ring of Honor.

That's where the fun "Guessing Game'' begins, and indications are it ends on the name of Gil Brandt, the NFL's "Godfather of Scouting,'' who is under consideration for the contributor's class of 2019 for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and would receive a boost in that campaign were he to first be enshrined by the team that employed him.

There are other fun names in the game, of course. An eventual Ring of Honor honoree, Tony Romo, is among the speculated names, and for an assortment of good reasons -- in fact, honoring quarterback Romo (who Jerry holds in the highest esteem and almost considers him an extension of the Jones family) together with retired tight end Jason Witten and retired defensive end DeMarcus Ware on the franchise's eventual to-do list. Ware was recently on 105.3 The Fan acknowledging that Jones has informed him of plans to eventual put him in the Ring. Meanwhile, a quick entry -- as quick as Monday Night against the visiting Tennessee Titans -- would certainly fit Witten's schedule, as he will cover the game from the TV booth for ESPN.

And Romo's availability? In a coincidence that merits consideration, it just so happens that Romo, who is the lead analysis for CBS, does not have a game assignment this weekend.

As, but people close to Romo tell me his weekend plans are likely to take him out of town, anyway, for a golf vacation. So the Romo-related surprise, and maybe a Romo/Witten/Ware surprise -- and Jerry Jones does like surprises, even though he admits, "I can't keep a secret!'' -- might have to wait.

Fans enjoy the "Who's Next'' debate and Jerry loves the attention for his Cowboys, who currently have 21 members in the team's Ring of Honor. There are no "rules'' here. Jones is a one-man committee (with big ears, though, of course) just as former team president Tex Schramm was. There is no reason a ceremony cannot come quickly; in the case of Brandt, doing it this year would aid his Hall of Fame candidacy, and there is no logistical reason that prevents the Cowboys from even doing it this week. There is nothing blocking the team from having multiple ceremonies in one season, nor is there a requirement to induct anyone at all. (Safety Darren Woodson was inducted Nov. 1, 2015, and is the last person to be added.) Despite speculation, there are no requirements for "chronology,'' either. Tight end Jay Novacek, for instance, doesn't have to go in before Witten just because he played before Witten. And one more thing: There is nobody presently "under consideration'' for the Friday announcement, as some have written. The decision is made. The honoree(s) knows, and will be in attendance.


The "Who's Next'' fun has people guessing about former coach Jimmy Johnson, about defensive end Harvey Martin, about cornerback Everson Walls, about an endless stream of worthy candidates for the highly exclusive club. ... and someday, another good guess for who is going in would be Jerry Jones himself.


But for now, a news conference at noon on Friday, one that involves "a football-related matter,'' all in the atrium lobby at The Star, all leading to what will surely be a Ring of Honor celebration.