Dez Bryant & Jerry Jones

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Report: Jerry Jones Plans To Speak With Dez Bryant Soon

March 27, 2018 - 6:30 pm

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Jerry Jones said that he plans on talking with Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Dez Bryant in the near future. is repoting that Jones made the announcement at the NFL annual meeting in Orlando. “We need to talk, and I certainly have not had a thought about talking with him that did not anticipate him being with us,” Jones said

When pressed Jones did not elaborate on what the discussion might include. Bryant's contract has been at the top of most fans minds this off-season, and rumors surrounding Bryant have only intensified following last week's signging of Allen Hurns.

In February, Stephen Jones said that the Cowboys need to, "determine what is in the best interest of our business"  in regards to Bryant's contract. 

According to Sportrac, the Cowboys currently have $30.7 million in cap dollars tied up in the receiver position, $16.5 million of that being Bryant's contract. When asked what he thought about his team tying up 17% of their salary cap in the receiver position Jones said it was fine as long as they produce.

“We can live with that kind of allocation at receiver, but we’ve got to have production,” Jones said. “In other words, it’s got to really provide not only big-play potential, but it’s also got to keep the defenses honest so that (running back) Zeke (Elliott) can be the player he can be.”