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Report: Irving's Girlfriend Retracts Domestic Violence Claims As Frisco PD Investigate

April 23, 2018 - 3:00 pm

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - After the Frisco police department confirmed that they were looking into the assault allegations made against Dallas Cowboys' defensive lineman David Irving on his own Twitter account this morning, Irving's girlfriend, who made the allegations, now says the domestic violence claims aren't true.

Dallas Morning News reporter Jor Epstein snapped a screenshot of Irving's girlfriend's Instagram account on Monday afternoon.

"On April 22nd, the father of my child and my current boyfriend had a vocal argument that spilled out into our front yard. My neighbors were concerned and called 911. I was very upset and made some allegations that were false at the time due to our vocal argument and my emotional state," Irving's girlfriend said. "I had no intentions of getting David into trouble, I was just very emotional and upset. I would like to be clear, although our relationship is not perfect, we love one another and David did not put his hands on me at any time. I'm deeply sorry this has caused both of us so much unwanted and undue attention. David is a great father and our focus is working on our relationship and raising our beautiful daughter. I would urge the media to please refrain from spreading this false story."

 According to WFAA's Jobin Panicker, Irving could be facing charges of assault with bodily injury, assault by impeding breath and unlawful restraint.

105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher reported later Monday that persons close to the situation between Irving and his girlfriend tell him that the pair of incidents occurred on Saturday evening at the Frisco home which is leased by Irving.

Fish reports that Irving refused her wish to enter the home, apparently due to his accusations of infidelity. She then called Frisco police, who arrived at the scene, and saw no suggestion of violence. She asked to remove her things from the home; Irving declined ... and police ended their involvement.

However, Fish is told, Sanchez did not leave the neighborhood, opting to literally sit on the curb outside the home. (Thus making her online claim that Irving “ kicked his girlfriend to the curb” somewhat ironic.) At 10 p.m., still outside and in the neighborhood, Sanchez called the police again, again having been refused entry to Irving‘s home. It was during the second call that she issued domestic violence accusations that she has now recanted.

She has given her statement to the district attorney; law-enforcement officials are not examining it.

Irving was considering issuing his own public statement, but may now not feel the need to do so.

Fish adds the three following notes in reference to Irving's situation:

* There is no indication that Sanchez claimed that she has video proof of domestic violence having occurred here is valid; Fish is told that Irving had people on the phone with him who were listening during the dispute.

*The Cowboys are aware of the volatility of the relationship.

* The NFL, in its misguided efforts to serve as its own law-enforcement body, Will surely feel obliged to investigate.

Earlier Monday, Irving denied the allegations, and claims this isn't the first time he has been wrongly accused: