Report: Dak Prescott Seeking $40 Million Per Year

August 12, 2019 - 3:31 pm

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is seeking a contract worth $40 million per season, according to Jane Slater of the NFL Network.

Slater further reports that she expects Prescott and the Cowboys to come to an agreement closer to $34 and $35 million. 

Appearing on The Fan's GBag Nation at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard last week, COO Stephen Jones says he definitely thinks the Cowboys could see no deals getting done before they leave California. 

"Do we want to make a deal with Dak, we certainly want to do that," said Jones, "But we're not afraid to go another year."

Jones says the Cowboys will absolutely “go to the midnight hour” to try to get a deal done for all of them. 

105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher reported ahead of training camp that the Cowboys were 'optimistic' a deal gets done at camp with Prescott. Additionally, Fish says that several Cowboys fans, and media members, might be surprised at the reasonable threshold that will get the deal done with Prescott. 

The $40 million figure would qualify as a surprise. 

"We're gonna take our future and bet it on Dak,'' owner Jerry Jones told Fish in an exclusive interview with 105.3 The Fan back in May.

The Cowboys have been very open about their plans for making the Prescott the highest-paid player in team history, which obviously means more than $65 million guaranteed given to pass rusher DeMarcus Lawrence. Possibly, a lot more.