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Cole Beasley Reportedly Wants $20 Million Guaranteed, But What Are The 'Other Details'?

March 04, 2019 - 12:14 pm

By Josh Clark and Mike Fisher

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - The Cowboys would like to bring Cole Beasley back next season but how much is it going to cost them?

Over the weekend, Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported the Cowboys would like to re-sign Beasley but were struggling with his demands of $20 million guaranteed. A fan who saw the report fired a tweet at Beasley saying that figure was too much, to which Beasley then responded on Twitter by saying, "Guaranteed. Not per year." 

That response prompted Hill to say Beasley confirmed the $20 million figure. Then, Beasley responded that he wasn't confirming the demand but was clarifying. 

So, what did we figure out? Not much because Beasley didn't confirm or deny it.

As 105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher smartly pointed out this morning, if the $20 million guaranteed asking price is true, what are the other details of the contract?

How many years does it include? And how much will he get per year? Does the $20 million need to be paid upfront or can they push some of the money down the road? How does Beasley's performance compare with other slot receivers and their pay? 

These are smart things to consider when it comes to negotiations with Beasley and the Cowboys are doing their homework here. 

Back in October after Beasley expressed on social media that he believed he should be one of the highest paid slot receivers in the league, we decided to do some homework on how much those players are paid. 

And what we found was that only Jarvis Landry, Keenan Allen, and Emmanuel Sanders had received $20 million guaranteed in their most recent contracts. 

Here's a list of the highest-paid slot receivers in the league and their most recent contract:

(Notes: *Beasley just completed a four-year, $13.6 million dollar deal with $7.3 million guaranteed. *Not all guarantees are fully guaranteed because some money comes in later years assuming the player is still on the team).

1. Jarvis Landry: 5-years: $75.5 million, $34 million guaranteed

2. Doug Baldwin: 4-years: $46 million, $12 million guaranteed

3. Keenan Allen: 4-years: $45 million, $20.6 million guaranteed

4. Randall Cobb: 4-years: $40 million, $13 million guaranteed

5. Robert Woods: 5-years: $34 million, $10 million guaranteed

6. Emmanuel Sanders: 3-years: $33 million, $20 million guaranteed

7. Golden Tate: 5-years: $31 million, $16.9 million guaranteed

8. Taylor Gabriel: 4-years: $26 million, $14 million guaranteed

9. Albert Wilson: 3-years: $24 million, 14.4 million guaranteed

10. Adam Thielen: 4-years: $19.2 million, $9.6 million guaranteed

(Another note: *Julian Edelman just completed a two-year, $11 million contract with $7 million guaranteed).