A Rangers Fan’s Prayer

Cory Mageors
March 27, 2019 - 2:04 pm
Rangers, Globe Life Park

Credit: J.Burkett Photo

When we’re born into the DFW area, we don’t have to choose the home team to root for.

However, my tee-ball team was the Rangers. I wore 22 like Steve Buchelle and my favorite thing to do was to sit in the bleachers of the old Arlington Stadium with my grandfather and my dad cracking open his cooler and sharing an ice cold Sprite hoping a HR would land in my glove.

There was always a feeling that catching a fence jumping fly ball would lead to me living my childhood dream of playing third base for the Rangers....at the age of 7 of course.

I didn’t have to choose the Rangers, but I did. It became and has always been part of my upbringing. I guess you could say, being a Rangers fan chose me.

Something about the game draws us in every season and makes us believe that in 162, our team might be able to put together enough wins to make it to the coveted post-season.

If not, at least we got to grub down hot dogs and share some cold drinks with our best friends for 81 beautiful nights in Arlington.

As we open the season, hundreds of thousands of parents, siblings and kids will be making memories near the foul lines that will be part of their lives forever.

So I’d like to say a little prayer to the baseball gods in hopes of having the best possible season the Rangers can have.

Dear Baseball Gods of bats, balls, gloves and foul poles that lean out of the way of a Joey Gallo rocket, I hope you hear me this year.

Let the starting pitching staff of the Rangers feast on innings. Last year, Mike Minor put in the work it took to get the ace’s call from the club this year. We’ve all waited long enough to see Edinson Volquez truly shine and what better way to do it than the last days of Globe Life Park. Shelby Miller won me over during spring training and as he said, growing up in Texas, he gets to live his childhood dream of wearing the Rangers uniform.

Please let Jesse Chavez, Jeff Springs and the rest of the middle relievers keep the lead or at least keep the team within striking distance.

And let Jose Leclerc pitch in the biggest moments and rise to the occasion.

I would love to see Odor hit 30 HRs his year, but I’d prefer he score 100 runs while earning Gold Glove consideration.

Nomar Mazara has been the model of consistency, can he move a peg up of what his model is?

See to it that Gallo’s work this offseason, becoming a leader, working on hitting pitches and homers to opposite field pays off. 45 Hr’s 10 to left field and a .240 batting average would be a legit spark to his potential super star career.

Ronald Guzman looks like the left handed Juan Gonzalez, I’m not asking for a second coming but it would be pretty sweet to see him grow again this year.

If Delino Deshields could be on base enough this year to steal 30-40 it wouldn’t hurt, but simply having him on the bases is threat enough, so can we get him to a .300 or .301?

And for Elvis Andrus, it would be nice to see his legacy grow, but ultimately fans won’t give him the credit he deserves unless he does a Dirk and finally gets his trophy. Tough to ask for this year, but we’d be happy if you could help him add some hardware.

I hope Chris Woodward has built a strong enough clubhouse presence to handle storms that arise in room full of athletes.

And I hope Eric Nadel gets a few shorter games, maybe so K&C can go on earlier.

I know I’ve brought up Game 6 too many times, but I own the pain.

But more than anything I hope the fans get a brand of baseball that excites them. A team full of baseball players that care about nothing else but competing until their cleats wear off.

I hope Rangers fans arrive at the stadium and cherish the fun.

And I hope we can tell stories years down the road about how the team we were born to love did something special in the final days of the stadium many of us grew up in.

Play Ball.