Top Opening Day Performances in MLB History

Jordan Cohn
March 26, 2020 - 1:31 pm

Today would have been Opening Day of the 2020 MLB Season. If I say much more about that I might get too upset to think clearly through writing this article, so instead of moping about the present, let’s reflect on the past.

Opening Day has an almost mythical quality to it, where the nation’s most sacred and beloved pastime finally comes to life after a long hibernation. When there’s an amazing performance right out of the gate, it makes the game that much more memorable for the players involved and the baseball fan base.

So although we’ll have to wait for those magical moments to occur this time around, we can still bask in the nostalgia of some of baseball’s greatest Opening Day performers. Let us know on Twitter if we missed any that you think should be a part of the list!

The following performances occurred on that team’s first game of the season. Positions are listed in accordance with where that player was fielding in that game, though they may have been better known at another position in the field.

All stats retrieved from Baseball Reference.

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