Report: NFL Preseason cut to 2 Games

The exhibition slate will be cut in half as part of the league's health precautions.

670 The Score Staff
July 01, 2020 - 3:20 pm
Dak Prescott heading to the sideline at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia

Patrick Smith, Getty Images


The NFL is cutting its preseason slate from four games to two as part of the league's preventative measures against spread of the coronavirus, Pro Football Talk reported Wednesday.

The league will cut out the scheduled first and fourth preseason games, all while keeping the second and third games. The NFL is still planning to hold its training camp on time, with teams reportedly asked to report July 28 to home facilities. 

Also, per a separate report from Pro Football Talk, the League will aim for every team to have one home game and one away game during the preseason as well. The Cowboys, who currently hold two home games, are already slated to face the Kansas City Chiefs, who holds no home games as it stands today. 

By switching the location of the matchup, the league will ensure an easy fix for that matchup, but will still face challenges in regards to the other teams still missing from a home or road game. There is also likely to be some additional shuffling of the scheduling during the preseason as well, as far as days and kick off times are concerned.

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