Micheal Irvin: 'I'd Take A Hard Look' At Bringing Dez Bryant Back To Dallas If He Agrees To Being 'At Best' The No. 3 Receiver

Shan & RJ
March 18, 2020 - 10:28 am

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin joined Shan and RJ on Wednesday morning to discuss what the team has done at the beginning of free agency. 

Here are some of the highlites:

Would you have picked Amari Cooper over Byron Jones based on the contracts they both received?

"I would have, just like the Cowboys did because of what you're dealing with in Dak Prescott (the negotiations). I'm battling between $35-$40 million a year in Prescott ... that's a thrown away investment if I don't have someone on the other end that can get the most out of that investment. As I keep telling everybody, we saw what this looked like prior to getting Amari. Why would I put $180 million into the quarterback and not give him the kind of weapons he needs to succeed?"

Would you replace Randall Cobb with Dez Bryant?

"Cobb is a slot guy and that's not Dez's forte. Dez is more of an outside guy, get over the top of you and make plays. Now that being said, if I can sit down and have a long conversation with Dez, and he understands that he's going to be at best, the third receiver, and at worst, the fourth or fifth receiver behind Blake Jarwin. 'Can you manage that?' Then, I would take a hard look at him."

Irvin also talked about Amari Cooper's drive, Byron Jones, Robert Quinn and Gerald McCoy.

Watch the interview above.