F1 Red Bull Executive Wanted a 'Corona Camp' to Infect Drivers With Virus

Jordan Cohn
March 30, 2020 - 8:47 am

There have been some pretty outlandish proposals in regards to sports reform amid the coronavirus crisis, but one of the most recent ideas, courtesy of Formula 1 racing, has to take the cake.

F1 Red Bull executive Dr. Helmut Marko, a former professional driver and an advisor for the Red Bull racing teams since 2005, pitched an outrageous idea that was unsurprisingly met with rejection.

In a strange way, Marko's justification for the 'Corona Camp', a place that sought out to infect drivers with the exact thing the entire sports world is attempting direly to avoid, sounded somewhat heroic.

"The idea was to organize a camp where we could bridge this mentally and physically somewhat dead time," Marko said in an interview with the Austrian television station ORF (h/t Jonathan Noble of Motorsport). "And that would be the ideal time for the infection to come.

Though some ideas throughout sports were pretty far out there, such as Scott Boras's proposed rescheduling of MLB so that the World Series would take place on Christmas, Marko's idea is one of the rare cases that would intentionally endanger the athletes. Needless to say, even if it did somehow earn the support of racers and other F1 staff, it doesn't seem like 'Corona Camp' would be allowed to operate for obvious reasons.

Fortunately, there are other racing-related figures and organizations that are working around the clock to stall the spread of this virus. For example, breathing devices that lessen the risk of exposure to the virus have been manufactured by Mercedes-AMG F1 developers.

Lewis Hamilton, widely considered one of the greatest racing drivers of all time, shared his thoughts on the scenario and encouraged the "stay at home" movement that has taken over the globe.

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