2020 MLB Mock Draft: Final Predictions for Each First-Round Selection

Tim Kelly
June 08, 2020 - 12:28 pm

It appears increasingly possible that when the 2020 MLB Draft begins on Wednesday evening, it still won't be clear if there's going to be a major-league season this year or not.

Though it hasn't officially been said, with uncertainty about the major-league season - and the expectation that rosters will be greatly expanded if there is a big-league campaign - there's almost no chance that there will be a minor-league season in 2020. That will make it interesting to monitor how teams introduce their top draft picks (and inevitable undrafted free-agent signings) to their organization and avoid losing a season's worth of development.

So from a baseball perspective, Wednesday and Thursday could very well be the peak of the 2020 summer, as sad as that may be. Here's RADIO.COM Sports' final projection of how the first round will play out:

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