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Will The Dallas Mavericks Make The Playoffs?

October 17, 2018 - 11:50 am

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - The time has come for the Dallas Mavericks to begin their highly anticipated campaign. 

Will they end a two-year playoff drought?  Here are our predictions: 

Gavin Dawson

Mavs Record Prediction: 43-39

Playoffs: No

Reaction: The West is too tough. It might take 47 or 48 wins to get the No. 8 seed. Luka could change that real quick though.


Ben Rogers

Mavs Record Prediction: 45-37

Playoffs: Yes

Reaction: Doncic will look more like a glorious, gun-slinging QB than his basketball job and massive Bill Laimbeer body would indicate. He’s got laser beam dimes for days and endless amounts of savvy and skill. Also, he’ll simply be too big for most teams to handle. DeAndre Jordan will be a defense & rebounding revolution. And I haven’t even mentioned DSJ yet — who will be much improved... and that says a lot as he was great last season. 


Skin Wade

Mavs Record Prediction: No

Playoffs: 44 -38

Reaction: Mavs just miss the playoffs because 46 wins get you the No. 8 seed and they will fall just short. But the turnaround is well underway.

Is this it for Dirk: Yes. It is definitely Dirk’s bon voyage.



Record Prediction: 42-40

Playoffs: No

Mavs Make The Playoffs Because: They will only make the playoffs if a couple fringe playoff teams in the west are decimated by injuries.

Mavs Miss The Playoffs Because: They would make the playoffs if they were in the East. Unfortunately, this league has an extremely problematic issue with conference balance.

Is this it for Dirk: RIP Big Mummy, we'll miss you, and we'll never forget you. We'll never have anything like you again. Thanks for everything, Dirk. Peace.


Cory Mageors

Record Prediction: 41-41

Playoffs: Yes

Mavs Make The Playoffs Because: Some team will underperform or suffer a serious injury. The Mavs will compete every night and have resolved a big problem on the glass.

Mavs Miss The Playoffs Because: They lack experience in some of the key areas and the rest of the Western Conference is stacked.

Is this it for Dirk: I think so, but I really don't care if it is, we've enjoyed being spoiled by a superstar who refused to leave us and gave us the pinnacle moment as a fan base. Dirk Forever.


Kevin Hageland

Record Prediction: 38-44

Playoffs: No

Mavs Make The Playoffs Because: Luka fits in quicker than expected and is clear ROY while DeAndre shows he has plenty left and wants to stay in Dallas

Mavs Miss The Playoffs Because: Easy to say Mavs make the playoffs, but ahead of who? Rockets, Warriors, Lakers, Thunder, Blazers, Jazz, Spurs, Nuggets, Pelicans - don't see it

Is this it for Dirk: I don't think so! After a gain of 14 wins, Dirk will see the Mavs on the cusp of the playoffs and decide he wants ONE. MORE. POSTSEASON.


Mike Fisher

Mavs Record Prediction: 39-43

Playoffs: No

Mavs Make The Playoffs Because: Because of Fallen Foes. Some other teams in the loaded West will have to falter in a shocking way.

Mavs Miss The Playoffs Because: Cuban foresees a 'playoff push' and that'll have to be good enough. Because while DJ could be an All-Star, Luka could be the ROY and Junior could lead Dallas in scoring, it's not Dallas' time - yet.

Is this it for Dirk: The organization clearly thinks so. But I love Dirk's departmentalized approach: He plays within the framework of his contract. ... And this is a one-year contract. There is your hint. 


Nick Neppach

Record Prediction: 46-36

Playoffs: Yes

Mavs Make The Playoffs Because: Luka is the real deal, and DSJ will take a huge leap in year two. Having DeAndre will make a world of difference on the glass and defensively. The depth is just good enough for the 8 seed.

Mavs Miss The Playoffs Because: They never get fully healthy. Luka and DSJ never really mesh and the West is just too tough.

Is this it for Dirk: Yes. Dirk gives it one more go, gets the Mavs back to the playoffs, and hangs it up having seen them through the rebuild. One-legged fade forever.


Josh Clark

Record Prediction: 40-42

Playoffs: No

Mavs Make The Playoffs Because: If Jimmy Butler is moved to an Eastern Conference team, the Mavs just might sneak into the playoffs. But you have to account for LeBron and the Lakers taking one of the spots. The Mavs will compete with the T-Wolves, Nuggets, Pelicans and Blazers for the final spots out west. Luka Doncic is who we thought he was when we traded up for him. Dennis Smith Jr. leads the team in scoring. DeAndre Jordan thrives in the Mavs system. The veteran bench (Dirk, JJ, Devin) remains healthy throughout the season.

Mavs Miss The Playoffs Because: Injuries and struggles aside, there are just too many quality teams to compete with and only 8 playoff spots in the west. 

Is this it for Dirk: Unfortunately, I think the time has come for the Big Baller from the G to hang 'em up. Love you, 41.