Hey Dak-Haters, Once Extension Gets Done … Will You Fully Root For Cowboys?

Kevin Hageland
May 23, 2019 - 9:21 am
Dak Prescott

USA Today


You see the news (or lack thereof every day).

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will get paid $30 million per year, Dak is going to get more than $30 million per year, Cowboys give contract proposal to Dak, Dak’s agents give counter-proposal to Cowboys and on and on it goes each day.

Bottom line, the deal is going to get done.

Like it or not!

And, for the purposes of this column, I want to focus on the people who don’t like it and I’m aware there are plenty of Cowboys fans who don’t think Dak is even an average quarterback and the idea of him getting $30-plus million is infuriating.

But when the deal is done, you are stuck with Dak.

And when that happens, will you stick with the Cowboys??

I’m serious with that question because over the last three years I’ve seen so many Cowboys fans who almost seem guilty rooting the team on to two division titles or come up with nonsensical things to complain about when the team is rolling because they feel like they are betraying Tony Romo.

And I get it, so many Cowboys fans loved Romo – but he never got the team a Super Bowl ring.

Never happened, never will.

The arguments will surely come flowing in (many of them valid) that many different factors led to Romo not winning a Super Bowl, getting to a Super Bowl or even advancing to an NFC Championship game. I’m well aware of those arguments because they were the same ones used against Dak when he was one win away from making it to where Romo never did (not a criticism, just a fact) in 2016 and 2018.

I understand, you love Romo and are loyal to him.

But are these fans more loyal to Romo than the franchise?!

I just assumed everyone would support Dak cause he is the quarterback for the team we all love, but that has certainly not been the case. Plenty do, but it seems just as many do not. Maybe they don’t like Dak because he replaced Romo in 2016. But what about after that? What about after Romo read his retirement poem (or whatever that was)? Do they still badmouth and root against Dak because they want him to fail and for the Cowboys get a new quarterback? Will those fans (maybe you as a fan) still be that way after Dak signs a deal that I’m guessing will reach around 6 years/$180 million with $100 million guaranteed?

And if so, why?


At that point, for better or worse, you are stuck with Dak. He isn’t going anywhere, Romo is never coming back to this team and your fandom for the franchise should probably take precedent over either one of those individual players anyway.

Look, I know this is going to be tough, but take a deep breath and prepare yourself … you ready … this contract extension IS going to get done and Dak IS going to be this team’s starting quarterback for the foreseeable future. Like it, don’t like it, doesn’t matter – because you love this team and Dak is heading up this team, so it’s OK to support Dak with all your heart. No betrayal in that.

I love the Cowboys more than any individual player and if this team ever makes it back to the Super Bowl (yeah, I know, it’s been 24 years) … I want all Cowboys fans to be able to enjoy the ride and not just sit back waiting for failure so they can point to Dak and say, “I told you so.”