RJ Choppy: College Football Moving To Eight? It Wouldn't Be Great

RJ Choppy
December 04, 2018 - 6:04 pm
College Football Playoff

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - There has been talk that the College Football Playoff needs to expand to six or eight or even 16 teams. This past weekend proved what a horrible idea that would have been. .... and would be going forward.

There were four monumental games on Saturday, starting with the Big 12 Title Game between Oklahoma and Texas, the SEC Championship, and then the Big 10 and ACC at night. None of those games would have mattered with a 16-team playoff. 

Heck, I'm not sure any of them would have mattered even with an eight-team playoff, either. Even with a second loss, Oklahoma was not going to drop behind UCF, or Washington, and drop out of the eighth spot, and a three-loss Texas team was not going to leap-frog Florida, LSU and Washington to get into that 8 hole. 

Meanwhile, the powerful trio of Georgia, Alabama, and Clemson would have still been in the Top 8 by suffering a loss, so potentially the only game that would have mattered is Ohio Stare, and I believe the same circumstance that applied to Oklahoma would have applied to the Buckeyes as well.

Sorry, but I am not willing to trade three months of fantastic football-lovin' programming for the extra week of a playoff.

Oh, and more apologies, for those in favor of a 16-team playoff: I have news for you: A four-loss Texas, a three-loss West Virginia-or-Florida-or-LSU team does not deserve a chance to win the National Title. 

All four schools would be eligible in a 16-team playoff. ... when they haven't really earned eligibility toward a title.

I know we live in a fix-it world and a gripe-about-it world. But college football? It's fine where it is. The playoff is fun, and the regular season is just as important as it ever was -- a joy of importance that would be erased by a bloated too-many-entrants tournament. 

I mean, no offense, Longhorns, but we would be looking at a four-loss team that got beat by Maryland finding its way into the tournament. And really, how is mediocre football good for football?