Why'd Cowboys Jerry Drop A Live F-Bomb? The Showman Promotes A Show

Mike Fisher
April 24, 2018 - 3:54 pm
; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones one the field before a game against the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports


FRISCO (105.3 The Fan) - In a way, the jovial Jerry Jones F-bomb uttered during live coverage of the Dallas Cowboys' pre-Draft presser Monday at the Star is the fault of 105.3 The Fan's own Shan Shariff.

"What in the f--- are you all getting to?" Jones blurted knowingly after my question directed at fellow panelist Jason Garrett, the coach who's foul mouth in the behind-the-scenes documentary series "All Or Nothing'' is the fascination of many in Cowboys Nation.

Including Shariff, who, during the press conference, urged me on Twitter to broach the subject with Garrett.

"I really haven't seen it," Garrett said, probably fibbing just a bit. "I saw bits and pieces of it along the way. So, I don't really know that much about it to comment."

Garrett was pushed again for comment by my question about him "working blue,'' at which time Jones interrupted with his playfully profane response.

The Amazon series comes out Friday and focuses on the Cowboys' 2017 season. Part of the show: The publicly buttoned-up letting 'er rip with colorful language.

And why would Jerry Jones use colorful language to address colorful language?

Well, what better way for a showman to promote a show?