We Underestimated Michael Gallup’s Impact

Cory Mageors
October 01, 2019 - 11:55 am
Michael Gallu[

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DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - I can certainly understand why Jerry Jones wouldn’t rule out Michael Gallup for Sunday during his interview with Shan and RJ on Tuesday.

"I'm not ruling it out Sunday," Jones said. "We've got to see how he does tomorrow especially and just take a look at it."

I don’t know if he’s doing it for the effect of setting up the Packers to have to watch a little extra film, or if Gallup is actually healing fast enough to get back out a week earlier than most expected.

However, Gallup’s impact in the first two weeks was one of the reasons the offense has been so explosive.

The Cowboys offense has certainly become a take what the defense gives you offense, and it becomes that much easier when you have to pristine route runners on each side of the field.

The other thing Gallup did so well was crossing the middle, while Amari Cooper can work the curls and outs along the sideline, Gallup handcuffed defenses, especially in the bunch formations, when he worked the middle of the field.

Also, without Gallup on the field, the offensive shuffle and dynamic changes completely.

In the first two games, the targets order went:

Gallup 15

Cooper 14

Cobb 11

Witten 8

In the last two games, Ezekiel Elliott, the player who received only 4 targets in the first two games while being tremendously efficient has been forced to be a second receiver in the offense.

Targets in the last two games

Cooper 15

Elliott 10

Cobb 10

Witten 8

Included now in Zeke’s workload is being the second receiver while Devin Smith received no targets against New Orleans. This shrinks the box for which the Cowboys are capable of playing within. During the Scott Linehan era, this team played a game that was within a 20-yard box, but in the Kellen Moore era in the first two weeks the field was stretched and there was space all over the surface to execute passes.

Against New Orleans, the space shrunk and I believe without Gallup, the route combinations change and don’t allow for big pockets for Dak Prescott to throw through.

Also, in the first two games, Gallup was the leading receiver in yards with 226 while Cooper had 150, in the last two Cooper hasn’t broken 140 and the next leading receiver is Witten at 104. That’s a team missing 136 yards over a two game span.

If Gallup is healthy, and this is the key, this offense will look more like what we saw in the first two games.

That’s how much of an impact a second-year receiver has on this Cowboys team.

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