Travis Frederick Gives Update On His Status After Being Placed On IR

Josh Clark
October 10, 2018 - 5:58 pm
Travis Frederick, Dallas Cowboys

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DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick spoke publicly for the first time since the team place him on injured reserve Saturday.

Frederick was asked by The Ben and Skin Show how he was doing and what went into the decision to place him on IR. 

"Yes, I did go on IR, but that doesn't specifically mean I'll be on IR for the season. At this point, I have to sit out seven more games before I'm eligible to come back and play. (At the time of the decision to not place him on IR) That's where I was in my recovery process. I'd say it's more about the time I've missed than the time I have left in my recovery," Frederick said. "Every week that you're missing (doing your workouts and practicing) is more time that you have to make up to get into shape. 

"We were getting to the point in the season where with a little bit of recovery time, and the time to get that back, was going to be about 8 weeks. The team decided that was going to be the move just so we could get that clock ticking ... that if in 8 weeks I'm ready to go, I can jump back in."

Frederick has been out the entire season as he continues to recover from Guillain-Barre syndrome, an auto-immune disease that affects the nervous system.

The Cowboys elected to keep Frederick on the active roster due to the uncertainty surrounding the timetable of his recovery and he explained their thinking behind that decision today.

"I think the hard part was when they were making those initial rosters and trying to decide what they were going to do, we were still really early in the recovery process. We got the diagnosis, and that point, things were moving very quickly. ... At that point, we were pretty optimistic there was a chance things were going to happen at some point early on in the season. As things have moved along, we've sort of steadied out a little bit. I don't want to say plateaued but it's a slower pace than we were moving at before. And with the amount of time I've missed, the 8 weeks was a better timeline."

Frederick recently indicated that once he overcomes GBS, it's highly unlikely to plague him again. In the meantime, he's remained with the team, in meetings, and on the sideline, serving essentially as an assistant coach.

He's eligible to return in week 14 against the Philadelphia Eagles.