Three Cowboys Questions That Need To Be Asked

Jared Sandler
July 01, 2020 - 8:44 am

As we get ready for the 2020 Cowboys season, here are three questions that I think need to be asked…


How much of Aldon Smith can you get?

Understandably there are a lot of questions about whether or not he still can and those are very fair. But the second question is if he still can, how long does it last? Typically people who have missed as much time as he has don’t come back and give you 16 games. Also, people who done gone down the path he has from a substance standpoint don’t always come out on the other side with a body ready to withstand the physicality of a pro sports, especially football. Don’t get me wrong…I’m rooting for the guy, but think these questions do need to be asked.


What about the drops?

Michael Gallup had a great year with 1107 yards over just 14 games, but he also had the second most drops in the NFL with 11. We love him in Dallas but I’m not sure if the rest of the league is as high on him which could either mean that he’s hiding as well as any receiver coming off an 1100 yard season or maybe they see some fool’s gold? Let’s just assume CeeDee Lamb is as good as advertised, does Michael Gallup drop to a number three and maybe not take the steps people expect or does he continue to improve and challenge Amari for that top spot?


Can we all just get along?

Everything is hunky-dory right now between Mike McCarthy and Jerry Jones. Even though Stephen Jones probably has more control than pops, Jerry is still the lead dog. McCarthy, unlike Garrett, doesn’t come to Dallas with some deep relationship with Jerry. He’s also known to be a no-nonsense football guy. This might take time to answer but how will he handle Jerry running his mouth to the media? What about the distractions that come with being the head coach of the Cowboys. Yes, I know Packers fans are crazy but the spotlight doesn’t shine nearly as brightly there as it does in Dallas.