Jon Daniels Says No Decision Yet On New Park's Playing Surface But There Are "Pluses To Having Turf"

Josh Clark
August 06, 2018 - 5:28 pm
Globe Life Field

Texas Rangers


ARLINGTON (105.3 The Fan) - With Texas Live! set to open this weekend, attention has now turned to the new ballpark being built next door.

One of the main points of debate when it comes to the new Globe Life Field, is what kind of playing surface the club will use - grass or turf?

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels was asked during his weekly visit with Ben and Skin if they had made a decision yet. 

"It's not a 100 percent. The decision hasn't been finalized. I will say this, I started when it was first raised from the standpoint of (being) very traditionalist ... you know, green grass, the smell, the look, the whole deal, kind of the romantic side of it.

I think the more we've gotten into it, just some of the realities of it ... there are some pluses to (artificial turf). It's not like astroturf. It's not (like) Toronto, or Tampa or the old Metrodome, where you've heard negative stories. Technology has gotten so good that these turf fields are so much better, and for whatever reason, the football stadiums have not gone to this kind of advanced turf, so I don't know that a lot of our fans have seen much action on it. But, it is a lot better as far as how the ball bounces and also how the athletes move on it. That's one piece. 

Two, if we did do a turf field ... the dirt infield itself would be the same. And, what I mean by that is that the base paths would be the same, where the infielders stand, and where the runners run during the game, that would be the same whether the outfield grass or the infield grass was whatever material it would be.

And, I think there's just some logistical challenges that stadiums with retractable roofs have ... a lot of these stadiums have big issues growing grass. You can't always tell on TV, but when you walk the field, you can tell they paint areas of the grass, they put grass clippings down ... so you don't have a great grass surface. Those are some of the factors that we're looking at and ultimately will have to consider when that decision is made."

Globe Life Field is set to open in time for the 2020 season.