Report: New CBA Would Limit Teams To Using Just One Franchise Tag

105.3 The Fan
February 20, 2020 - 3:36 pm

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - According to a report from Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, the terms of the new collective bargaining agreement NFL owners agreed to Thursday would have a major impact on the Dallas Cowboys this offseason.

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Per Garafolo, part of the agreement includes a limit of one franchise tag per team, meaning that the Cowboys wouldn't be able to place a franchise tag on both Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper. 

The new CBA is now in the players' hands as they must vote in favor of or against the proposal from the owners. The Players Association will reportedly hold a conference call on Friday to discuss the deal. 

The Cowboys have the option to place the franchise tag on either Prescott or Cooper and then could place the non-exclusive tag on the other player. This new agreement would put an end to that option. 

When it comes to Prescott, Dallas can apply the non-exclusive tag of about $26 million on the quarterback, but they run the risk of having another team signing him to a bigger contract. They would, however, not be left empty-handed as they'd receive two first-round picks as compensation from the team who signs him. They could also opt for the more likely scenario and place the exclusive franchise tag on him. That will cost them $33.4 million, which is in the ballpark of the yearly salary he reportedly desires. 

For his part, Prescott wouldn't commit to showing up to offseason activities if he was tagged. 

“We’ll get to that when we get to that,” Prescott said via the Dallas Morning News. “I look forward to talking to my agents and when that (tag) comes to play, the direction that we’ll go. Until that’s a reality, I won’t worry about it.”

The deadline to place a franchise tag on a player is March 10.