Predictions For The 2019 Dallas Mavericks Season

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October 23, 2019 - 10:06 am

The Dallas Mavericks begin the 2019-20 season tonight at home against the Washington Wizards. We polled the guys to get their predictions for the upcoming season. See them below. 

The Mavericks Will Make The Playoffs If...

Ben Rogers: Casey Smith can work his magic on the health front.

Mike Fisher: The jump to 41 wins (a .500 team) is gigantic. Let's jump there before we start thinking of the needed 47-ish.

Jeff "Skin" Wade: The role players step up and take advantage of the open opportunities afforded them by the Luka/KP dynamic duo

Mike Bacsik: Luka and Porzingis become Nash and Dirk 2001. Role players have great years. Injuries in the West.

Gavin Dawson: They stay healthy. That's it, I think this team is going to be very good quickly.

Jeff Cavanaugh: They win 44+ games in a loaded West. Early returns on Luke and KP look really good.

Cory Mageors: 43 wins would be an awesome effort by the Mavs this year. Luka taking a step and adding a motivated Kristaps should provide that. Health will be a key but I if both are competing all out during the season, they have a chance to get up to the 45 I think it would take to get in the bottom of the West.

Kevin Hageland: Tim Hardaway, Jr. becomes ultra-efficient / defense and rebounding is better than expected

Jared Sandler: They get to 46 wins. To do that, L&K need to work really well together and they'll have to find ways to overcome defensive challenges. It could be a big year for Jalen Brunson and Delon Wright if the Mavs make the playoffs. Depth will be key because, while the Mavs have star power at the top, so do most teams. With KP missing the last 1.5 years and Luka entering year 2, there's a lot of unknown as to how good these two really can be,

RJ Choppy: They'll make the playoffs if Hou, Den, Por, GSW, LAL, LAC, Utah all boycott the NBA season.

Kevin "KT" Turner: They need to win 45 games in the west, and even that might not do the trick. They'll likely need a key injury or two for the other back end of the conference contenders to bolster them into the Top 8. The good news is right from the jump, every game will feel like it has meaning.

Josh Clark: Luka earns his first career all-star bid and continues to morph into a future MVP candidate, while Kristaps Porzingis remains healthy and builds on his "unicorn-like" play by leading the team in scoring. Dallas may need to get a little lucky on the injury front to sneak into the playoffs in a loaded Western Conference but Brunson, Wright, and Curry's high-percentage three-point shooting help put them over-the-top.  


The Mavericks Will Miss The Playoffs If...

Ben Rogers: Lukazingis is unable to be a healthy double-headed unicorn

Mike Fisher: They fail to find a third 'star-caliber' guy. It might be a '2-star league' now. But the best teams have No. 3's way better than Dallas'.

Jeff "Skin" Wade: They stumble early and never rise to an adequate level defensively 

Mike Bacsik: The West is a beast. Possibly 50 wins is the 8 seed. Role players struggle.

Jeff Cavanaugh: Injury to one of the stars or not getting quite enough from their role players to get to 44-47 wins.

Cory Mageors: They have to rely too often on secondary role players to carry them for long spells. I think the West is loaded but also very open, but the Mavs will need their superstars night in and night out to compete.

Kevin Hageland: Kristaps injuries / the team matures at the anticipated pace, which isn't good enough in the West ... yet

Jared Sandler: There aren't two teams from last year's playoff mix who really underperform. The Lakers, who didn't make the playoffs last year, will get in so who are the teams who don't in order for the Mavs to jump them? It's just a really tough conference.

RJ Choppy: I mean, the favorite here is that they miss the playoffs. They are projected to win 40.5 games. In the west that misses the postseason just about every year.

Kevin "KT" Turner: Seth Curry can't stay healthy or Tim Hardaway Jr doesn't prove to be a consistent scorer. The defense will be the problem this year, but they'll need some more firepower offensively despite being a very fun and exciting offensive team to watch.

Josh Clark: Porzingis has to sit out too many games due to load management, Curry can't stay healthy, Wright is only useful on defense, rebounding and defense aren't good enough. The West prooves as daunting as we thought.


Win/Loss Record & Which Seed Will They Finish With

Ben Rogers: 45-37. 7th seed

Mike Fisher: 42-40. 9th seed

Jeff "Skin" Wade: Give me 45 wins and the 8th seed. 

Mike Bacsik: 45-37 and the 8th seed. 

Jeff Cavanaugh: 44-38 and sneak into the postseason with the 8th seed.

Cory Mageors: 44-38 and barely get the 8th seed but it's gonna be a wild ride and great experience this year.

Kevin Hageland: 42-40, 10th seed

Jared Sandler: 42-40, 9th seed

RJ Choppy: The UNDER win total has hit for the Mavs for like 9 straight years. I expect that to change. 42-40. 9th seed

Kevin "KT" Turner: 43-39. 9th seed

Josh Clark: 44-38, 8th seed.