NFL Teams: 'Not Fair' Jerry And Stephen Jones Can Draft Together At Home

105.3 The Fan
April 07, 2020 - 11:25 am

By Dan Mennella and Josh Clark

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - After the NFL announced that will hold a "virtual draft" on Monday, several teams are voicing their concerns about staff members drafting seperately from home. 

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, there are some executives and coaches who are concerned their zoom meetings will be hacked on draft day by other teams, while others have concerns about the Dallas Cowboys draft plans. 

"There are issues where other teams teams are saying it's not fair that Jerry and Stephen Jones get to be together in the same home on draft day," Schefter reported Tuesday on ESPN's 'Get Up.'

"It'll basically be every person for him or herself in their own homes drafting virtually. And that is a change-up, because coaches want to be with GM's, and GM's want to be with pro personnel directors, and the pro personnel directors want to be with the college scouting directors, and these teams are used to having great communication. You can do it through teleconferencing but there are already teams worried about having their zoom teleconference hacked by another team."

Ravens coach John Harbaugh is one of those coaches who are concerned about process, calling it a "big concern" during a pre-draft conference call with reporters, according to the Baltimore Sun.

“Every time I read something in, like, the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times that talks about how messed up Zoom is, or some of these other deals ... I immediately text it to our IT people ... and they assure me that we are doing everything humanly possible."

Interestingly, Harbaugh suggested he was more concerned by the prospect of a rival team snooping on Ravens game plans, more so than hackers or other digital vandals wreaking havoc.

“We’ll see what happens. I really wouldn’t want the opposing coaches to have our playbook or our draft meetings. That would be preferable, if we can stay away from that.”

While Harbaugh's paranoia may not be unfounded given recent high-profile incidents of espionage in the NFL, the greater concern could be hatemongers and other assorted mischief-makers.

Last week, New York Rangers prospect K'Andre Miller's video chat with fans was briefly interrupted when it was spammed with racial slurs in the comments sections.