NFL Insider: "There's A Chance" Dak Prescott Becomes League's Highest-Paid Player

Josh Clark
March 27, 2020 - 3:54 pm

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - The last two days have brought some news on the status of quarterback Dak Prescott's contract.

On Wednesday, 105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher reported that the Cowboys had re-engaged Prescott's representatives on a deal. The latest offer would make him the highest-paid player in franchise history, and would exceed an average of $33.5 million per year and $105 million guarenteed. 

Fish reported the deal could come out to an average of $35 million per year over the course of a four-year contract, which is the length of contract Prescott's agent Todd France perfers. 

Those numbers match up with the highest-paid player in the NFL, Russell Wilson, who signed a four-year, $140 million contract with $107 million guarenteed last offseason. 

But will Prescott exceed those numbers? According to ESPN's Ed Werder, he will. 

NFL insider, Ian Rapoport, joined Shan and RJ on Friday morning and asked him if it was a possibility? 

"I would say there's a chance, and it definitely seems like talks are now headed in the right direction. I never got the sense that it was really acrimonious before. I never got the sense that both sides were just not going to work out. They just hadn't gotten any closer, hadn't gotten there yet. Based on the fact that they're talking, based on the fact that the two sides are kind of coming together and trying to find some sort of solution. That, at least now, they're working, they're kind of on the same page. And there's hope that something gets done at some point.

"Would it pay him more than Russell Wilson? I think it's possible. Look, that's where the quarterback market is going, anyway. When Patrick Mahomes signs, he's going to blow the doors off it regardless of what Dak Prescott gets. So, even if he is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, it's not something that's going to last for very long."

Watch the entire interview above.