Mavs Cuban Calls Accusations Against DeAndre Jordan 'Nonsense'

Mike Fisher
November 14, 2018 - 9:24 am
DeAndre Jordan

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - While the media is piling on regarding the concept of Dallas Mavericks center DeAndre Jordan as "selfish,'' the Mavs themselves are circling the wagon in defense of the All-Star center, with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban now joining the fray.

"It's nonsense,'' Cuban tells's Dalton Trigg, meaning that now everyone from players like Dennis Smith Jr. to coaching staff members like Rick Carlisle to even the owner has teamed to defend Jordan against a characterization reported by ESPN.

The Mavericks are now 5-8 and at the AAC tonight with a visit from the Utah Jazz, hoping to find a way to add to a roll that's seen Dallas win three of its last four games. They'll need help from Jordan to remain hot. And Jordan maybe needs help from his teammates to make certain this team remains bonded ... and it helps he's getting.

 Dennis Smith Jr. started it all with a sort of rally-around-me post on Instagram, all meant as a response to ESPN having written that DeAndre Jordan has "rubbed teammates the wrong way with what they perceive as selfish play.'' Within minutes, most of the other Mavs on Instagram had chimed in with support of Smith's support of Jordan.

None of this completely negates any of the struggles of the Mavs, or any of the flaws of Jordan, who came to Dallas as a "big fish'' free agent making $22 million on his one-year deal. But it's fair to look at Jordan's early work here in balance, the criticisms being considered no more strongly than the support, which was reflected in what coach Rick Carlisle recently said of Jordan: “DeAndre been great for us. He’s a charismatic guy that’s doing everything possible to bring our team together. I’m so proud that he chose to come to Dallas. He’s changed the way things are going on around the basket. We’re the No. 1 team in defensive rebounding percentage now and we’re top five in least points in the paint allowed, so he’s made a huge difference for us.”

So it sounds like Jordan, for whatever ups and downs he's experienced, has the support of the coach. And the support of the players. And now the vocal support of Mark Cuban.