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Jerry Jones: Sean Lee A Game Time Decision For Sunday Against Seattle

September 21, 2018 - 10:53 am

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says linebacker Sean Lee (hamstring), defensive end Randy Gregory (concussion) and safety Xavier Woods (hamstring) will be game-time decisions for Sunday's game against Seattle. 

"That will be a game-day decision. But we are thinking he's going to play and no reason right now to go with what he's (Sean Lee) saying. And he says I'm going to play. More than usual we've got some guys out there playing with him and even behind him that are really doing a great job. So that's a little more comforting, but my idea is he will be out there Sunday," Jerry said. Adding about Xavier Woods and Randy Gregory, "As we stand here today I think it's a positive that we can count on them."

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ones isn't taking the Seattle game lightly saying it's going to be a tough place to play for The Cowboys. "I don't know if there is a tougher place to play. To win, of course, than Seattle, but here we go," Jones said. "We know how well coached they are. And have been and will be. I really admire the organization a lot. And then, of course, they have the loudest place to play. The most disruptive for a visiting team...You just about have to prepare your entire play communication, of course, you have to play it with a different mindset and different signals."

GBAG Nation asked Jones about today's reports that Terrance Williams might be suspended. "I don't know about those reports in terms of accuracy. But certainly, he would be missed should we not be able to have him. But at the same token, we've as it turns out got a really, I think, top we will make the adjustment if need be."

Jones said that he never let Brice Butler's offseason comments cloud his judgment when it came time to re-sign the receiver. "I just dismiss in general that dialogue when a player is coming or leaving or for that matter coaches as well. And just as you have to dismiss a family or in general people that you work with. Sometimes you have some emotional involvement without a doubt at a time that you are making a change like being released or for that matter coming on a roster. That dialogue right there doesn't impact me. You know you have to take it with a grain of salt what is said publicly as well as privately. So I think Rich Dalrymple (Dallas Cowboys Senior vice president, public relations and communications) has it right for us...If you don't want to read it don't say it. But that's hard to do," Jones said. Adding, "We like Brice, we tried to sign Brice when he went to Arizona. So we wanted him back then. I think he's added to our receiving core."

Jones is also a big fan of the depth he is seeing behind linebacker Sean Lee. "The best football for Vander Esch is without a question the next game and onward. It's all ahead of him. He really brings an exceptional dimension to the game. I think we're going to benefit from his skills and what he's about preparations wise we're going to benefit for a long time," Jones said.

"Wilson, 57, is doing an outstanding job out there as well as Thomas. We've got some good players there. That's one of the strengths of our team. Our front seven really impresses me personnel-wise, numbers-wise," he continued. 

Byron Jones and Chidobe Awuize have been impressive so far this season. Jones likes what he is seeing from his secondary. "What I like is not only is their (Bryon Jones and Chidobe Awuzie) play starting to really get you excited. They were solid in training camp but if you look at their picture or you look at their pedigree it leads to this. It comes to that well. These guys are playing at a level that is approaching exceptional...Those guys are playing to what you might have expected really," Jones said.

When quarterback Dak Prescott runs the ball 6 or more times a game the team wins 75% of the time, and Jones knows Prescott running is going to have to be an important piece of the offense. "Well, I'm queasy anytime the quarterback's got the ball. And having said that it's almost elementary that if the quarterback can provide you a running dimension then it puts a lot of pressure on that defense to account for him. And nothing was more evident against the Giants than that," Jones said. "I'm excited that we've got a quarterback that can move around. That is, if you will, he's not fragile. He's got the strength that shows the way he runs. He runs with strength. I joked here early on that he runs like the daddy."

He continued, "Having said that I think we should use him. Not only as a threat to keep the defense honest. He's the real deal when he decides to take it up. But our run option or pass option those are important plays for the skills of the players that we've got."

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