Houston Astros Face Loss Of Reputation

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November 21, 2019 - 8:00 am

AP Photo/Matt Slocum


The Houston Astros could lose something irreplaceable. It's not their 2017 title over the Los Angeles Dodgers, but Richard Justice with MLB.com says it could be their reputation. 

It's a result of a Major League Baseball's investigation into allegations the team put cameras in centerfield during home games of that series to steal pitching signs and tip off the batter. The signs were allegedly related to a monitor in the dugout. 

Justice says from there "a player or coach would decode what pitches were being thrown and signal by banging a trashcan or calling a name to the batter at home plate."  

He says it's "hugely" against the rules and ethics of the sport.  "All your accomplishments, three straight one hundred win seasons, best team in baseball, all this goodwill from the team that's so entertaining....all of that becomes tainted.  As you know, once you lose your good name it's hard to get back."

He says they won't forfeit that title, but could could get hit with fines, loss of draft picks and suspensions of top officials, including the manager and general manager.

The Astros have yet to respond formally, but have agreed to cooperate in the investigation.