Dak Is Getting Paid, Cowboys Fans - Deal With It

RJ Choppy
May 11, 2018 - 11:26 am
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sport


By RJ Choppy

We had this discussion this week on "Shan & RJ'' regarding Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones' comments on young QB Dak Prescott and his soon-to-be contract extension. 

Dak's getting paid. It is time the doubters came to grips with that.

Two years later, we're still hearing from Tony Romo fans ... and that just needs to stop. Tony was a great player, underrated nationally, but he doesn't play in the NFL anymore. Constantly comparing him to Dak is not only pointless, but it drives a wedge into a fanbase that doesn't need to be there. 

Is Dak as good a passer as Romo was? No. Hell, no. Why does that matter? It doesn't. Comparing Dak to Tony is a waste of time and energy. Dak is an above-average NFL quarterback, he's efficient, he's healthy, and has a tremendous ability to use his feet that a mid-30's Romo just didn't have. 

Enjoy Dak for what he is, not for what he isn't. 

I'm predicting he is going to get $25 million per year. That is more than fair for an NFL QB. ... More than fair. We have to stop this notion that to be paid like a top-10 QB, that the player must also BE a top-10 QB. 

He doesn't. Matthew Stafford wasn't the best QB in the league when he got paid. Matt Ryan isn't the best QB in the NFL, Kirk Cousins isn't the 2nd best, and Jimmy Garoppolo isn't currently the third best. 

They were just the most recent examples, and that's how it works. ... because paydays don't happen in a vacuum. Talent and circumstances dictate them.

I'm not going to bore you with stats, but in Dak's first two years as QB of the Cowboys, he had better QB Rating, Yards per Attempt, Fewer Interceptions, Completion percentage than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning had in their first two NFL years. 

Am I saying he's better than either one of those two? Not for a second. Just giving the facts. 

Peyton Manning was a turnover machine his first two seasons. 

Tom Brady threw for fewer than 200 yards 12 times in his first two seasons. 

Dak? His number in that category is 12 as well. 

Pump the brakes. We cannot - CANNOT - choose to dismiss Year 1 while also choosing to dissect Year 2 with a microscope. It doesn't work that way. One was great, the other was average. 

And by average, I mean, top-five in QBR both years. But, ya know, stats. 

All the numbers, in the end, add up to a numerical fact: Dak Prescott is getting paid. Deal with it.