Cowboys Zeke's New Cabo Trainer? NFL Legend Marshall Faulk

Mike Fisher
August 23, 2019 - 7:03 am
Marshall Faulk

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FRISCO (105.3 THE FAN)  - Ezekiel Elliott's new "trainer'' in Cabo? None other than fellow stud running back and fellow St. Louis legend Marshall Faulk.

There is no real change in the Dallas Cowboys' contractual position regarding the star running back's contract; they want to pay him like a top-two runner (that is, $13 mil APY) and he's not ready to agree. 

Nor is there a change in the emotion of it all, Dallas owner Jerry Jones making it clear that he has the "backbone'' to ensure Zeke's holdout.

But here's a change: Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Faulk appeared on The Rich Eisen Show on Thursday and mentioned he’s headed to Cabo himself to train Elliott.

“I’ve challenged him with his conditioning and trying to get him closer to football-ready, not just being in good shape,'' Faulk said. "So I’m going down to try and make him throw up!”

Faulk said Elliott has been “busting his butt training,'' and that is credible. And so is Faulk, who has a connection with Zeke on a couple of levels. Faulk's agent during his playing days was Rocky Arceneaux -- who is also Ezekiel Elliott’s agent. (Arceneaux is so important in Faulk’s life that he was Marshall's presenter when Faulk was enshrined in Canton.)

Additionally, of course, Zeke grew up watching Faulk star in St. Louis with the Rams. So the connection makes sense. Maybe Faulk can help Zeke stay in shape. Maybe he can help him makes sense of a Dallas offer that would make him the second-highest-paid running back in NFL history. And maybe he can make him do more than just "throw up.''