Fan Predictions: Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose To NY Giants If

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November 04, 2019 - 10:14 am
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

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The hosts of 105.3 The Fan give their predictions as the Dallas Cowboys take on the NFC East rival NY Giants. 

RJ Choppy

Cowboys Will Win If:  The Cowboys will win, period. This is what they do vs NFC East teams with Dak/Zeke/Garrett. Dominate the east, play .500 ball vs everyone else.

Cowboys Will Lose If: They commit more than 2 turnovers. The ONE thing you can't do vs bad teams is turn it over.

Notes: Cowboys 28-21


Kevin Hageland

Cowboys Will Win If:  Everyone is healthy (more or less) - so as much as I hate to copy Garrett ... Execution = dominating victory.

Cowboys Will Lose If: Turnovers and penalties or potentially Daniel Jones rediscovering his early-year spark.

Notes: Cowboys win, 31-14


Cory Mageors

Cowboys Will Win If:  They run their offense that scores all of the points. This team can’t shell up and try to be a team that just does enough to win. They need another one of those games that leaves them “sniffing themselves” a big blowout offensively is needed.

Cowboys Will Lose If: Daniel Jones keeps the Cowboys offense off the field. I think Pat Shurmur can create a game plan to do that but it’s going to rely on Jones converting third downs.

Notes: Cowboys 42-17


Jared Sandler

Cowboys Will Win If: They don't play as poorly as they did against the Jets which seems tough to do with their health relative to that game. Really shouldn't be a nailbiter. The Giants are pretty susceptible across on the D-side. Get ahead early and you put Daniel Jones in a very tough spot.

Cowboys Will Lose If: They give the game away through a lack of discipline either in the way of turnovers, penalties, or both.

Notes: Cows 34-16


Mike Bacsik

Cowboys Will Win If:  They come to play hard for 60 minutes!

Cowboys Will Lose If: They think they can just show up in NY and be handed a win like the Jets game.


Mike Fisher

Cowboys Will Win If:  They know what's good for them.

Cowboys Will Lose If: The bus driver gets us lost traveling from Jersey City to The Meadowlands.

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