Fan Predictions: Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose, Against Eagles If...

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October 18, 2019 - 1:10 pm
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

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The Fan hosts give their Dallas Cowboys predictions for the Week 7 matchup against the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles. 

The Cowboys will win, or lose, against the Eagles if...


RJ Choppy

The Cowboys Will Win: The players they have paid to play, actually play like it. Looking at you, #21...#90...#54

The Cowboys Will Lose: The same crap from the last 3 games happens. Slow starts, conservative run first garbage, bad execution.


Jeff Skin Wade

The Cowboys Will Win: The 'Boys can make big splashes with quick strikes cuz that pocket will collapse fast.

The Cowboys Will Lose: The D continues to under-perform and Wentz has time to boogie.

Notes: Boys 24, Philly 17


Kevin 'KT' Turner

The Cowboys Will Win: If they think outside the box and find new ways to utilize Jarwin and Pollard when it comes to the overall scheme as well as protecting the QB. Defense has to tackle, Philly lacks gamebreaking playmakers outside of Miles Sanders and the injured DeSean Jackson.

The Cowboys Will Lose: They don't make adjustments and can't protect their QB.

Notes: Eagles 23 Cowboys 20


Gavin Dawson

The Cowboys Will Win: The Cowboys get healthy at key spots. Tyron Smith, La'el Collins, Amari Cooper.

The Cowboys Will Lose: They can't attack the Eagles weakness which is a poor secondary and pass rush.


Mike Bacsik

The Cowboys Will Win: They score over 30 points

The Cowboys Will Lose: They play like they have for a month now.

Notes: Eagles 31 Cowboys 27


Kevin Hageland

The Cowboys Will Win: Get back to play-action! Also, seems like winning the turnover battle is going to be a must.

The Cowboys Will Lose: The OL remains weakened by injuries, which leads to hurried passes to a thin wide receiver corps

Notes: Eagles 27, Cowboys 17


Cory Mageors

The Cowboys Will Win: Can block the pass and run, oh and catch the ball. 

The Cowboys Will Lose: A lot of the fundamentals of the game are missing right now and that is the foundation of focus, concentration and execution. Garrett has said execution is their biggest problem time and time again, so maybe it’s time for a “Gentlemen, this is a football” speech.

Notes: Cowboys 17-14


Jared Sandler

The Cowboys Will Win: They can't find creative ways to give Dak time and protect him if the tackles don't play and defensively they don't try and stop the run but instead protect against big plays.

The Cowboys Will Lose: The Cowboys' defense continues to avoid big plays that help change field position and put a halt to drives. If Wentz has time, the Cowboys are toast.

Notes: Cowboys 31-26


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