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The Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose, Against The Eagles If...

December 06, 2018 - 3:15 pm

The Fan hosts weigh-in on Sunday's NFC showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium.

The Cowboys will win, or lose, if....


The Cowboys will win if: The defense continues to dominate and carry this team regardless of how dominant the run game has been.

The Cowboys will lose if: The offense turns the ball over and refuses to assert their will on their opponent.


The Cowboys will win if: “There is no “if.” The Cowboys WILL win. Don’t you dare eyeball me.

The Cowboys will lose if: “Were you not listening? How dare you ask that question. I will slap you around like the Cowboys will do to Philly on Sunday. Now go get me a sandwich.


The Cowboys will win if: Nothing crazy happens to conspire against them. They are better.

The Cowboys will lose if: Turnovers for TDs against them. The Cowboys defense is locked in and very very good. They can erase a normal level of mistakes.

Ben Rogers

The Cowboys will win if: This Cowboys defense has truly arrived, is officially elite, and is ready to carry the team to glorious heights.

The Cowboys will lose if: The Eagles recapture their Super Bowl mojo and signature win tap dance on all of our hopes and dreams.

Kevin 'KT' Turner: 

The Cowboys will win if: The defense shows no signs of letting up. Eagles started rolling a bit offensively against Washington on Monday Night. If they can make Wentz uncomfortable early, and not allow easy completions early on, I think they’ve got a great chance of grabbing the W.

The Cowboys will lose if: They lose if their offensive line problems haunt them. I’m worried about Sua-Filo, who earned the job after the first Eagles game. His size against Cox and the Eagles interior DL should really help, but Xavier hasn’t been healthy and Conner Williams now is. Also, hard to continue to trust Cam Fleming, the OL has been good enough but the play of the replacements isn’t sustainable. 

Give me the team with the Mojo, the Eagles secondary is banged up, so I’ll go Cowboys 27 Eagles 21.


The Cowboys will win if: They control the tempo. Cowboys have won time of possession in all but 1 of their 7 wins (avg 33.5 mins). They've been outpossessed it in all 5 losses (avg <28 mins).

The Cowboys will lose if: Their mistakes lead to costly turnovers. They have just two turnovers during the current 4-game win streak.


The Cowboys will win if: They limit Wentz on third down, force Wentz to be too one-dimensional and force one turnover and Michael Gallup has one big catch. He can have more catches, but if he has that one breakout catch. Boom Guaranteed.

The Cowboys will lose if: They let Golden Tate run wild on them. If the offense turns the ball over twice.

This team is riding slow and creeping up on everybody, a win like this could cement who they really are.


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