Cowboys Tank Speaks Out On Kaepernick, Nike, The Anthem, 'Hot Boyz' - Oh, And The Panthers

Mike Fisher
September 06, 2018 - 3:34 pm
 DeMarcus Lawrence

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FRISCO (105.3 The Fan) - The leader of “The Hot Boyz” has some hot takes.

"I’ve got big plans, big dreams on different things about how I can change the way things are going in America," DeMarcus Lawrence said on Thursday, the Dallas Cowboys star defensive end attacking headline-grabbing topics as if they were just so many lame quarterbacks.

His most immediate plan, of course, is to lead Dallas to a season-opening win on Sunday at Carolina. That'll require the Dallas defensive line -- which has named itself "The Hot Boyz'' after the 1990's Bobby Brown-led hip-hop group (The Hot Boys) -- to victimize QB Cam Newton and a Panthers offensive line that is struggling with injuries.

"He's big, he's strong, he's a great quarterback,'' Lawrence said of Newton. "Our main job is just keeping him in the pocket and being us. You can't worry about Cam, bro. Cam going to be Cam."

And that battered Panthers line?

'It's not my problem,'' he joked. "But you never want to see anybody (hurt). But it's our opportunity. We're not going to sit here and cry for them. We'll say prayers for them, absolutely.''

Lawrence is coming off a 14.5-sack season that led to him being Dallas' franchise-tagged guy this year, which pays him $17 million for the one season ... and then the negotiation game begins anew. He continues to swear he's unfazed by it all.

"I believe in the Cowboys organization and the Jones family. If they want me here they will keep me here. If they don’t then they’ll let me go. ... I’m just being patient and waiting on my turn."

And when the payday does come, it's clear Lawrence will use the accompanying larger platform to speak out on issues beyond football. He noted Thursday that he backs controversial QB Colin Kaepernick's stance of social injustices -- and Nike's support of the NFL-unemployed Kaepernick.

"I support Colin for sure,'' he said. "Why hate another man because he’s succeeding? ... If you don’t believe in it, so what? You can’t change it.''

Lawrence added that he thinks burning Nike gear, as some fans who oppose Kaepernick's views are doing, is "childish.''

Lawrence will nevertheless stand for the anthem with the Cowboys on Sunday, and then he'll take the lead of "The Hot Boyz'' when they take the field.

Is this Cowboys defense about to surprise the NFL?

"No,'' Lawrence said. "I think they already know what's to come. ... "That's why we call ourselves the 'Hot Boyz,' you know, because we're just too hot, they can't control us."