Earl Thomas

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Cowboys Sources Characterize Earl Thomas Agent Meeting As 'Fact-Finding'

February 28, 2019 - 6:16 pm

By Josh Clark and Mike Fisher 

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - The Dallas Cowboys made a big splash today when they announced that beloved tight end Jason Witten was un-retiring and returning to the football field. And in the meantime, they worked subtly -- and legally -- on another big splash.

The Cowboys must wait 12 more days before they can begin negotiating one of their next big moves, a bid on All-Pro safety Earl Thomas. But presently, during the NFL "convention'' that is the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, a team source tells 105.3 The Fan that today they did engage in a "fact-finding mission'' regarding Thomas, the Seattle Seahawks free agent.

"We visit with all the agents and all the teams,'' one source said. "We talk with agents about their college guys and their free agents. It's a fact-finding mission.''

There is a massive gray area that determines exactly what can be said and when it can be said to someone like Thomas' agent David Mulugheta. So let's term this a "casual visit'' while acknowledging where we've known this is going for the last year: The Cowboys' flirtation with Thomas is going to be as serious-minded as his long-standing desire to play for his hometown team. 

When this gets totally serious and less "gray,'' the Joneses will surely be involved in the visit that will be more than "casual.'' But we're told the Joneses were not necessarily present for this "hello.'' Other team officials were, though, and their talks with an agent like Mulugheta can also be about his other clients. (The Austin-based agent happens to boast a robust clientele list.)

The Cowboys made a splash today. They are intent on making more splashes with their own free agents in the days to come, starting with DeMarcus Lawrence. And pending the results of their "fact-finding mission,'' there may be another splash to come right around March 11, when all the gray area goes away.